All About Me

My life's philosophy is basically... I like to keep things simple and easy. And laugh as often as I can.

My style is Audrey Hepburn meets 80's hip hop meets sparkle. I love color, prints, sequin, metallics, denim, leather, lace and hoop earrings. I'm obsessed with graphic tees and little details in clothing that stand out.

My day job is as a freelance writer. I've been writing since I was 4 years old and I still journal to this day. 

I also consider myself an educator, advocate and activist. I'm basically all for inspiring people, one word at a time. I believe every body is beautiful and I am all for diversity on every level.

I currently write for the community website On The Plus Side, geared towards inspiring and empowering the plus size woman.

I'm also the Blog Editor for PLUS Model Magazine, a great publication not just about plus size modeling but also fashion, beauty, empowerment, news and more. 

FYI, I only blog on the site and do not sign models or have anything to do with agencies or who gets chosen to be featured in the magazine.

Another day job of mine is as a fit model and reviewer for plus size clothing subscription service Gwynnie Bee

I love being able to show customers diversity and have them see a woman who looks like them. It's not only about helping them shop but also showing them that style knows no size.

A bit of my backstory...

I started blogging in 2000 on a reality TV messageboard where I wrote recaps for shows such as Big Brother, Survivor and American Idol. I also worked in the corporate world for a plus size clothing catalog company, which pushed me into the plus size fashion world 15 years ago.

A few blogs later, I launched Fearlessly Just Me in 2009 as a way to share my life's experiences as a plus size woman navigating life in this crazy world. I shop, I travel, I read comics, I love museums, I live in the moment and I laugh every chance I get... life is pretty good.

I get my inspiration from the sky/clouds, people watching, traveling to different places around the world, the ocean, fashion and talking to my three beautiful nieces.

I think no one can be completely fearless but we can have fearless moments. That is the major lesson I have learned in my life.  To me, that's the key to living fearlessly. 

For me, life's an adventure. Adventures can be anything you want them to be because adventures are basically you living outside the box and doing something that makes you happy, something that makes you feel free. So I plan to spend the rest of my life being Fearlessly Just Me.

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