I've gone dark for a few days & am loving it...

Saturday, December 3, 2011

I up and decided to take a break from Facebook, my life and the world in general. And it's been wonderful. I think we all need to unplug for a while.

It happened as I was going through my storage boxes. I had taken all of my stuff out of storage last weekend so I can save money AND let go of old things that honestly I did not have a need for. I didn't realize how emotional and draining it would be to do so. I started with 60 boxes and am now down to 8. Yep, my former life is in the form of 8 boxes, stacked up neatly in a corner of my mom's living room. :sigh:

Most of my former life is tied to my dad since I lived in the Bronx for almost 6 years and lived about 10 mins from him so I saw him frequently. I found so many things that held such great memories. By Wed night, I was burnt out emotionally and physically. Couldn't sleep. I needed time away.

Facebook has become such a integrated part of my life. I have become that person I said I would never become: one who is dependable and almost hungry for social media and interaction. I started to think of the days before Facebook, before texting, even before cell phones and pagers. Where you had to pick up the phone to actually talk to someone and if you were out in the streets, you had to use a pay phone. Now we have become so dependent on communicating in such impersonal ways like text, inbox msgs and email. No one actually talks anymore. No one even sends out handwritten letters via postal mail or cards. And that bothers me. It bothers me even more because I have become one of those people.

So I needed time away from social media, technology....from the world. Right now, I am in great need of physical interaction. I want hugs and company...I want to see someone smile and laugh with someone. I need to hear a calming voice. I need to feel that love from the people close to me. That is much more comforting than a text or inbox message or wall post on Facebook.

So I will be on an extended much needed sabbatical from the world. I will continue to blog here and over at Belle-Noir because writing gives me joy and is my passion. But that's where it ends. I need to put the laptop away and see the world again. My bag is already packed and I am good to go.

I'm excited and for a minute there, I am feeling like my old gypsy traveling self, lol. As of Tuesday, I am leaving for parts unknown. Well, known to me but a secret to everyone else except the lucky few that I get to see. As it stands, I will be gone a week since I do have a life where unfortunately, I have to make money and Christmas will be here before you know it. But a week is a good amount of time to recharge. I'm doing it the Marcy way....3 cities in 1 week. It's like the old days! LOL

And that is what I need right now.

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