Fearless Friday: Stop mourning the past...embrace the present!

Friday, March 15, 2013

I used to spend a lot of time mourning old friendships because it was hard to let go. You remember the good times and then wonder what happened. Sometimes the closure and answers we seek don't come as we think they will. Sometimes we have to accept that the season is over and let go. Letting go in itself is closure.

We can't control others so if someone does not want to be our friend, there is nothing we can do about it. We can try to reach out but if every attempt is dismissed, that person is giving you their answer. That person is showing you that they don't want to be your friend anymore.

The more time you spend mourning old friendships, the less you spend focusing on your current ones.

Remember, nothing in life happens by chance. People come into your life for a reason. Either they were meant to help you in some way or vice versa. But once the season is over, it's over. And you are doing a disservice to yourself by choosing to stay in the past.

Time is invaluable. Once you lose it, you can't get it back. So do you choose to stay in the past and be miserable, mourning an old friendship OR will you choose to live in the NOW, appreciate the people in your life NOW and be happy NOW?

There is always a lesson to be learned from everything. The lessons I learn when friendships end are...

1) How not to be as a friend to others.

2) Letting go of things beyond my control.

My dad used to always tell me that you can learn a lot from watching others. I have had friends walk away from me because of men, money, difference of opinion, and even because I don't drive! And these people showed me how to never treat someone else. So I thank them for that lesson. I never want to be that person who will abandon a friend over something as trivial as money or even a man. You can be in love with a man but if it doesn't work out, who will you call to cry over it? YOUR FRIEND.

Life is meant to be lived well. It is meant to be full of happiness and adventure. Sure, we will have our moments but those bad moments should not rule our lives. It's all about embracing the present, being accepting of things beyond our control and just moving forward. That's what being fearless and bold is all about.

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