Fearlessly Returning: I'M BACK

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

As you can see, I took a little hiatus from this blog. So much has happened in the last six months! From my birthday to ending a relationship to even Hurricane Sandy. It has been a rollercoaster but everything happens for a reason. Right after Thanksgiving, while I was staying at a friend's house due to me being displaced because of Sandy, something happened. I don't know if you want to call it a lightbulb going off above my head or an epiphany. But whatever it was, it was life-changing.

I have been on this path of self-awareness and growth for the last two years, since my dad died. As I have said before on this blog, death will force you to look at life with a new set of eyes. Life is so different without my dad here. And when I had that moment of clarity a few months ago where I just KNEW what I needed to do next, it was another way to further me a little faster on that path. I think that I was moving too slow, lol.

So I plan to blog more and make some changes to the blog as well. We are all works in progress and we evolve over time. And I want this blog to reflect that.

At this moment, I am in a good place despite my life still being somewhat the same. Some things have not come to pass yet. However, what's different is my outlook and state of mind. Your thoughts are everything. They fuel your faith and belief in yourself. And that faith fuels determination. I'm focused, people! More than ever...you can't wait for your dreams to knock on your door and be handed to you. You have to chase those dreams and catch them.

I am really excited for the future.

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