Fearless Fashion: Holidays = Glitz and Glam FABULOUSNESS

Friday, December 20, 2013

Yep, that pretty much describes me in a nutshell.

I love sparkly things. I love glitter. My life's mission is to leave a trail of glitter EVERYWHERE I go in the world. I don't let my size stop me either. I'm proudly a size 28 and I rock what I got. Two years ago, I was a size 32 and was still out there, getting my glam on. That's what being fearless is all about. 

But with that, I also love subtlety. I know it sounds weird to actually have sparkly and subtlety in the same instance but hey, I make it work. 

I love this time of the year because I get to dress up and wear sparkly details. The holidays equal glitz and glam fabulousness for me. I have a few parties and gatherings to attend and they all call for different looks. Sure, it's a challenge but here's some tips I live by when putting together different kinds of outfits on a budget and time constraint:

1) I look for accessories that I can use in more than one outfit. I found the cutest gold metallic flats at Payless (of all places) for $17.99 on sale. I managed to use these flats in three of my outfits! Same goes with the matching little gold purse I bought at Payless with the shoes. I'm not much of a jewelry girl. I love my earrings and a bracelet or two. I try to get jewelry I can use over and over again.

2) I don't wear a lot of makeup but during the holidays, some mascara and a red lip are a must.

3) Lastly, a good bra is essential. The girls have to look good and a great bra will make the difference on how your outfit looks. I swear by Panache bras, Elomi bras and the magical multi-way bra from Lane Bryant.

Glitz and glam are two different things for me. Glitz is all about the drama and being bold while looking fabulous. But drama and boldness are subjective. Everyone has their take on glitz. Here's mine:

1st outfit (starting from left): I've posted this dress before. It's the Nezetta Cocktail Dress from Igigi. This is subtlety and glitz in a nutshell. The navy color of the dress looks wonderful with the gold metallic details in the fabric. And there goes those 'faithful' gold flats from Payless. I'm wearing a 26/28 here but Igigi tends to run big and I could have easily sized down to a 22/24. The belt fell off after this pic because it was too big.

2nd outfit: This is an outfit I wore to meet some girlfriends for some holidays drinks in NYC. Basic black sweater tunic from Lane Bryant (no longer available) and these fabulous grey metallic leggings from ASOS. If you haven't shopped from ASOS, you really should. They offer free shipping and they run big. I'm wearing a size 24 here. And like I said before, I am a size 28. I am going to re-wear these for New Year's Eve. Just not sure what to pair it with yet. I felt like the sweater underscored the leggings but you live and learn. Bag is from Eloquii, shoes from Simply Be.

3rd outfit: I LOVE this dress and it is from another retailer I shop from all the time... Simply Be! This dress is from the Anna Scholz line and unfortunately, it is sold out. I love the gold detail, the waistband and the neckline. It's comfortable, too and with lots of stretch. You can't tell but I have on black sequin leggings I got from Wet Seal. I'm wearing a 3X. I like mixing up patterns and I loved how the sequins paired well with the gold details of the dress. And of course, I wore my gold flats with this outfit too.

Glam to me means sass with some glamour...I love me some Audrey Hepburn so when I think glam, I try to channel my inner Audrey:

Mannnnnnn, I love me some eShakti! Both dresses are from there. Dresses from the Shak (as us fashionistas affectionately call eShakti) tend to sell out quickly so if you see a dress you like, you must get it immediately. With that said, both of these are sold out. I have been looking for a polka dot dress for the longest time and had not had luck finding one in the right fabric that fits me well. This one is a winner! The scalloped neckline had me at hello. I paired it with the Payless gold flats to give it that sparkly touch. And I am thinking of also wearing a gold lurex sweater as well. The red one is fabulous too. I'm wearing that to my Christmas family gathering. It's simple and the color alone makes it stand out. I'm thinking of pairing that dress with some black sparkly flats.

To me, fearless fashion is all about wearing what you love and feel comfortable in and not worrying about silly rules and or letting what others says dictate your fashion. The holidays are a great time to experiment with your fashion and get out of your comfort zone.

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  1. You look absolutely beautiful Marcy. Love all of them.. wish I could buy them all! xoxo

  2. Girl, you are rocking these party frocks. Nice job! I need to check out Panache.

  3. Beautiful in all but I have to say the nods to Audrey are my favorites :)

  4. Lisa: I went to a Panache event back in October where I got measured and fitted for a bra. It was an enlightening experience. Of course, I was wearing the wrong size AGAIN and the Panache bra I got fit like a glove. They just launched their Sculptresse line for larger busts. Simply Be sells Panache and Elomi bras so if you get a coupon and a sale, you can save big time. I was told you have to get fitted every 2 yrs or so because with your weight fluctuating, so does bust size. I was wearing a band size that was 2 sizes too big and a cup size small.

  5. Ooh la la! I like that you're showcasing a couple different looks here! You look wonderful in everything! - Lis

  6. Wow! You look so good in all those dresses. I love the eshakti dresses, they make you look like a Hebburn for sure! My fave dress is the first one. It looks so classy and the belt is perfect with it. And I found my most comfy flats also at Payless. :D