Fearless Fashion: Turns out blue is my color after all...

Sunday, October 12, 2014

On this crazy, adventurous, fearless road of fashion I am on, I am discovering all sorts of new things about myself. I'd like to think I am open-minded when it comes to fashion but I have realized that old habits die hard. We don't realize it when we are younger but the rules we are told as we are growing up become ingrained in our minds to the point where I personally feel like I was unintentionally brainwashed.

My mom is pretty out there when it comes to her style and I LOVE it. She still wears a red lip at 66, stays dripped in gold jewelry and loves her animal print. But she is obsessed with black because of that old fashion rule that black makes you look slimmer. Now that is true but I don't want to be stuck in a "black" rut because I am a big girl.

I have learned that you can look slimmer in other colors. Colors are not what make you look larger than you are. I personally think it's the fit of your clothes, down to the length and silhouettes you choose that affects your "look". But you have to choose what you feel comfortable in. Some girls don't mind showing their lumps and rolls and I say to that YOU GO GIRL. At the end of the day, I want to wear what I want to wear and not feel like I have to wear a certain color simply because it slims me. I don't want to be limited in fashion and no one should be.

But for some reason, I still shied away from color. Which is weird considering my love for prints. Anyway, I took a chance and ordered this blue dress from eShakti, a retailer I love because not only do they offer sizes 0 - 36W but they also offer a custom option, which I almost always go for. My bust is about 10 inches smaller than my hips, I have large upper arms, a belly and a small waist that's about 5 inches smaller than my bust so being able to customize a garment is a dream come true. You can even customize the length, the sleeves and remove the pockets. Yes, their dresses have pockets!

I call myself a freak of nature because my measurements are wacky. I also have large calves but smaller ankles and small hands but large wrists. It's strange but I digress...

I received the dress and initially thought it would not look good on me at all because of the color. But once I put it on, I fell in love with it. And after seeing my pictures of me wearing it, I fell in love even more. Blue turned out to be my color, after all...

Dress: eShakti (no longer available), similar one (ironically, lol) in black here
Bag: ASOS (no longer available), similar one from Deb Shops here
Shoes: Lane Bryant (no longer available), similar one from 6pm.com here.

I also found another blogger who wrote about this dress and I loved her take on it. She wore her dress with bright pink shoes! LOVE! You can see that here.

Side note: I also think my red hair with blond highlights goes well with the blue. It always amazes me how different hair colors also play a part in what colors look best on me. I change up my hair color often so for me, it's a fun way to experiment with wearing different colors and it pushes me out of my fashion box when it comes to trying new pieces. It keeps me out of that fashion "black" hole.

This dress is a keeper and I am still amazed at the fact that I thought blue wasn't "my" color.