Fearless Fashion: Falling in Love With Fall (And Myself) All Over Again

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” ~ Bill Cunningham

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. It represents change and transition to me. It's a great season to recharge and reflect, in preparation of Spring, which to me represents renewal.

The summer was tough for me with my brother passing away on May 30 so I spent much of the summer, just trying to deal with my grief and trying to be somewhat upbeat. The love affair that I was having with myself came to a halt and honestly, it was hard to just leave the house.

With the arrival of Fall, it was a welcome change that made me happy and hopeful for the future. My grief and pain still remain but fashion has a way of lifting your spirits, especially if you are wearing something you love. Even if it's a pair of jeans and sneakers. When you wear something you love, it shows. For me, Fall days = Happy days.

I love wearing jackets, boots and denim and Fall is all about that. I love leopard print everything and to me, Fall is the perfect season for leopard print, even though leopard print pieces are one of those fashion staples that are seasonless.

I attended a luncheon for OneStopPlus on my birthday, of all days (August 19) and attendees were asked to take part in a style challenge. All we had to do was go to the racks of clothes that OSP set up and create an outfit. Of course, I gravitated to the leopard print wrap dress and then saw a denim moto jacket that I thought would look perfect with it. After the challenge, OSP surprised us by saying they would send us the outfit we created. YES! I didn't own a leopard print dress so I was so happy. Happy birthday to me!

This outfit screams Fall to me. I love denim and I love moto jackets so I was excited to now own a denim moto jacket. I have never been a fan of wrap dresses but this one is a faux wrap so I don't stress about it coming undone and me having an "accident". You tie a wrap dress wrong and you're in trouble.

I wanted to go simple with accessories since the dress can stand on its own. So I just paired the dress and jacket with some black boots (also from OSP), some simple hoop earrings, my usual everyday bracelets and my Thick Chick necklace.
Leopard print faux-wrap dress (gifted): OneStopPlus (FYI, the print offered is slightly different)

Denim moto jacket (gifted): OneStopPlus

Comfortview® Signature Sole "Madison" wide shaft scrunch bootie: OneStopPlus

Thick Chick necklace (gifted): Candy Strike 
(necklace is no longer available but you can visit Everyday is Like Halloween and get a custom necklace made)

Earrings, bracelets (my own)

The jacket has some stretch to it and fit well. My only gripe is that the sleeves are kind of long. I folded them in a bit to make them shorter. They're hard to alter since there's a zipper at the end of the sleeves. I have average arms so this was strange to me. I also have large upper arms and the sleeves fit well, which I was so happy about. That is my main issue when shopping for jackets.

I love the length of the dress. It falls below the knee, not quite mid-calf. I think that length works for this dress especially if you want to wear boots with it and wear it in the colder months. I've worn this dress twice already this season and love it. It has stretch and the fabric is lightweight and flows nicely with you. It's comfortable. The tie belt is a bit long, even after tying it up but that can be fixed with some scissors and a little hand stitch at the bottom of it.

With Fall here, I am feeling happier. It's something about the crisp air, fall foliage and the change of seasons that calms me. Fashion has definitely lifted my spirits and helped me get back into this love affair with myself. Wearing things I love makes me want to get out there and conquer the world so if a simple jacket or leopard dress can do that, I am all for that. Life is short and we have to enjoy the moments but to do that, you have to put yourself out into the world. Why not do that and be fashionable and comfortable? When you're happy, it shows and happiness is contagious. So wear what you love this season and live! That's my mantra this Fall and beyond.

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  1. Every jacket I have ever owned has had long sleeves. I hate that, but I have baby dino arms! Looking good Marcy!

  2. You.Are.So.HOT! Loving this look on you, m'dear :) XOX M

  3. You look great. I love the dress and jacket on you!

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