Three-Way Style: Confidence is the New Black

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

"I love the idea of embracing your curves and loving yourself while expressing it through fashion." ~ Hayley Hasselhoff

I always say that if I can't wear an item three ways, it has no room in my closet. I hate to be one of those people who wears something once and then tosses it. I choose pieces I love and when I love them, I want to wear them over and over again. Sometimes keeping it fresh is shopping your own closet and creating new looks on your own. And you'll save some money and closet space in the process.

So on the blog in 2016, I will be talking to what I call my "three-way style" and showing you how you can take one item in your closet and wear it three (or more) ways. I follow trends, don't get me wrong. But I also like what I like and at the end of the day, I'm going to wear what I love, trend or not.

A great "three-way style" staple for me is a pair of jeans. A nice jean with some kind of detail can really go well with anything and it's not just another pair of basic jeans. My latest favorite pair of jeans are these Distressed Dazzle Jeans from Catherines.
For reference, I'm usually a size 26 but had to size up to a 28 in these. There's stretch but not 100%. However, once they're on, they fit like a second skin and are comfortable.

I love the little dazzle/distressed details and of course, they're black. I don't care what anyone says -- black jeans are a must for me. They're chic and can be dressed up or down. And these black jeans inspired me to serve some New Yorker All-Black style - all black doesn't have to be boring.

So here's look #1:

I paired the jeans with the Suprema Long-Sleeve Mesh-Trim Tee in black, the Luxe Reversible Vest and the Circle Stud Heel all from Catherines. I added the Entangle necklace from Catherines and an embellished clutch.

Why I love this look: It appears as if I'm wearing a jacket and the heels give the look a chic touch. This is a comfy and effortless look that was so easy to put together. This vest has become one of my favorite pieces. It's soft, comfortable and looks fabulous on. It's definitely a three-style piece too! 

Look #2:
So I switched out the vest for the Goldtone Meteor Shower Wrap from Catherines that I cinched with the Smooth Obi Belt from Lane Bryant.

Why I love this look: A wrap can be the focal point of your outfit, pulling together basic pieces to create a polished, chic look. The belt shows off my waist and helps the wrap look like a jacket, keeping it closed and defined in shape.

Look #3:

I paired the jeans with this Fringed Tee from Lane Bryant, the Aiden D'Orsay Flats from Banana Republic and a simple black purse with a gold chain strap. I finished my look with a gold statement necklace from Banana Republic (sold out but similar here).
I tend to branch out into straight size stores when it comes to shoes and accessories. I have wide feet but sometimes I fit into regular width shoes. It's all about taking the time to try them on. Banana Republic, NY & Company and Ann Taylor are some of my favorite straight size stores to get shoes and accessories at.
I will admit that Lane Bryant has been a hit or miss for me lately so I'm happy I found a fringe piece that fits me well. This fringe tee does not have much stretch but I was able to fit into a size 26/28 with no problem.

Why I love this look: I am loving the fringe styles this season and this is a piece I can wear season to season and it will never go out of style. It's classic yet trendy (I know that does not make any sense but I'm sure you get it, lol). The camo adds some color and flats are always a great idea. 

Wearing all black just gives me this extra "umph" of confidence. I don't know why but black is such a dark, powerful color so maybe that's it? I just know that these jeans will be experiencing a four-way style, five-way style and so on. I'm in love!

Please note: While this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

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