Some of My Favorite Gwynnie Bee Styles - February 2017

Saturday, March 4, 2017

"Fashion is like eating. You shouldn't stick with the same menu." ~ Kenzo Takada

As many of you know, I have been working as a First Fit Reviewer for Gwynnie Bee for over a year. I basically act as a fit model for new styles and provide honest reviews on the styles I try, in order to help other women find styles at GB that will work for them.

Me with fellow First Fit Reviewer/Model Kristina of Twee Valley High, wearing Cherry Velvet

I have to admit, February was a fun month in terms of the styles I tried and reviewed at Gwynnie Bee. I also got my sexy on. Yassss!

There are times I get bummed because some styles don't fit and because I am at the end of the size range, there are times I can't size up. Or I feel bummed when I can't try certain styles that other girls there get to try because it doesn't come in my size. But Emilia, who is part of the GB team that heads the Fit Reviewer program, always advocates for me in terms of giving me styles that she knows will look great on me, even when I think they won't! That alone helps me to not take these things too personally.

She tries to give me as many styles as she can because she wants me to know that I am just as important and worthy as the other girls when it comes to fashion and giving my reviews. She tells me all the time how positively my reviews are received. And that alone means a lot. It's really nice to work with someone who appreciates you and is supportive. Kelly Augustine and the entire GB team are so supportive but Emilia especially has a soft place in my heart for unknowingly becoming my advocate and support system.

As I have been doing monthly this year, I will be giving all of you a sneak peek as to what's to come the following month that are my favorite styles. I'm a little behind again on February's picks (sorry!) so forgive me!

As always, check out my reviews on the GB site for a more detailed description of my fit experience and if you have any questions, you can always reach out to me on Facebook and Instagram.

I'm going to kick this off with some sexy styles I tried that had me LIVING! This City Chic Cross Hatch Neck Dress is gorgeous. From the color (I'm a sucker for blue) to the details and then it has pockets!!! I gave this baby 5 hearts. It's available on the site now here.

Another winner from City Chic, the Attitude dress definitely had me giving off some sexy, confident attitude realness. Fits like a glove and the straps are gorgeous. I was still able to wear a bra with this but I made sure to wear a nude one. I think a black bra can work too, if it lines up with the straps. In City Chic, I always fit in size XXL (24). This one is available on the site right now too.

I love me some prints and these two styles had me swooning. On the left, that gorgeous lemon print dress is the Effie's Heart Dolce Vita Dress in Citrus Print. Talk about comfortable! That dress was so comfy and it fit so well. The fabric was a nice stretchy medium weight one so it didn't feel flimsy. I loved the tie belt and how it showed off my waist. It will launch on March 16, 2017.

On the right, we have the Leota Perfect Wrap Dress in Summer Plaid. I have grown to love wrap dresses so much! This one fit me perfectly and was lightweight, stretchy and just moved so well as I walked. It will be available on the GB site on March 9, 2017.

Now this one is my ultimate favorite because I am very into sportswear and so happy that the varsity trend is back this spring. This dress is part of the upcoming capsule collection by designer Amanda Uprichard exclusively for Gwynnie Bee

The Game Day Dress in Black is sooooo cute! I would wear this with my Adidas and a hoodie on one day and some flats and a denim jacket on another. Or by itself with some sandals in the warmer months. It has pockets (yes!) and a tie belt. The only drawback for me is that the fabric has no stretch but I am wearing a 4X here comfortably. The Amanda Uprichard collection will launch on March 14, 2017.

I tried all 5 pieces from the collection (3 dresses and 2 tops) and the dresses were my favorites. There's a print maxi that I loved and a bold print sheath dress that made me feel like I was wearing a watercolor painting. And the collection will be available in up to size 5X. Definitely worth checking out when it launches.

My two closet picks of the month are:

Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Cocoon Sweater in Green

I had to size down to a 3X on this sweater and I just love it. The color is so beautiful and I just love how comfy and long it is.

Cherry Velvet Doris Dress in Black Cherry Dots

I have always wanted a cherry print dress but could never find one that fit me well. And now Cherry Velvet has answered my dreams. The fabric has some stretch and this dress is just so gorgeous and fun. I am wearing a size 4X.

As always you can read my full reviews on the GB site. If you aren't a member of Gwynnie Bee and want to try the service out, you can try it for 30 days FREE of charge. Just click here to sign up. You won't be disappointed and you'll never know until you try.

Stay tuned! I will be sharing my faves for March 2017 at the end of this month.


  1. I just read your story. I bit confused, you said your a fit model? A fit model is muscular and define by their muscle tone, and waistline. Please I mean no disrespect, but as a woman who is a full figure fit woman, you do not fall into our category as a "Fit" model. You are however are a plus size model. The confusion with people and the fashion industry has women crossing into zones where they surely do not belong...the zone of confusion of plus fit full figure or thin. You write beautifully and I enjoyed reading your article and browsing your website. Keep up the beautiful work my Lady. Until next time stay forever YOU.

    1. Hi there! First, thanks for coming by and reading my blog as well as for your kind words. As for me being a fit model, I think that the category has changed. More companies want to see how an item fits on a plus size body that is a standard per size. As a size 3X/4X woman, companies are seeing the value of having me try things on to see how the item fits. I visited On The Plus Side and was delighted to see that they had two dress forms, one a size 24 and the other a custom one with a visible belly. I think there is a space for ALL of us to be fit models as it would help companies better fit their customers. We are all not muscular and as it is, sizing is so inconsistent across the board. Plus size bodies are hard to fit because we all carry our weight in different places. There is no "cookie cutter" plus size body. So yes, I do think I belong in the fit model body world but my job is vastly different than yours. At Gwynnie Bee, the clothing is already made but I try them on to see how it fits after the fact and then write about the fit from my perspective. As I said before, the fit model world is expanding and evolving, which is so beneficial to the plus size customer because it will result in a better fit across the board. Keep up the great work!!!! You are so needed in this industry.