You're Never Too Old to Have Style

Thursday, July 20, 2017

“Remind yourself, nobody’s built like you. You design yourself.” – Jay Z

That quote from Jay-Z is the best way to describe my life on a whole.

From fashion to learning to love myself fully to even just living my life, I often remind myself that there is no one out there like me and I am the one who chooses how I live. That includes what I wear and being true to my style.

My style is a mix of so many things I love while allowing me to express who I am. Fashion is art; that way of expression without having to say a thing. You just wear what you want and walk out the door into the world.

For me as a fat girl, who is over 40, I hear a lot of people telling me what I should wear or how I should look. I realized that style is an individual thing and does take a lot of courage to truly express it and not listen to what anyone else says. When I go against the grain and stay true to my style, I feel empowered and strong.

Yes, I can have pink hair and I can wear prints and bold colors. I can wear all the sneakers that I want and if I choose to, I can wear a sequin gown to the supermarket. That is my choice. My style, my rules. Style is not dictated by age or size.

And I am not alone. When I came across this blog called The Muffin Queen's Closet, I had to find out who this blogger was. Turns out Meshel is over 40 (like me), over a size 24 (like me) and has a unique style (like me). This girl breaks fashion rules on a daily basis and I LOVE IT.

We're become good friends and she's been so supportive of me and my career, especially my modeling gig at Gwynnie Bee. We chat a lot about what's launching as she has been a GB member for a long time. 

The day I tried on this Effie's Heart Dolce Vita Dress in Etched Dot, I had to post a pic on Facebook and tag Meshel because I knew this would be her jam. While our styles are different, we both fell in love with this dress.

Me on set before taking my picture to be included with my First Fit Review

My official pic on the Gwynnie Bee website - I gave this 5 hearts

Meshel and I both decided to get this magical dress and style it our way. At the time, I had blue/green hair, which matched the dress perfectly so I was totally swooning. But by the time I received the dress in the mail, I had already changed the color of my hair to pink and was concerned. But it turns out the pink hair looks good with the dress after all! 

I love how Meshel styled the dress. She loves accessories and has this magical way of mixing colors and prints. I love how she chose yellow leggings and orange sandals with her statement necklace pulling in both colors while looking great against the green. 

I opted to pair the dress with a yellow vintage purse I found at a thrift store, my Betsey Johnson blue eye studs and my Star Sneakers from Lane Bryant

Meshel and I are PROOF that age has nothing to do with style. If I live to 90, I will still be rocking my print dresses, shelltoe Adidas, moto jackets and graphic tees. I'll still love sequins and anything with sparkle. And I will still be on my streetwear vibe. 

You have to dress in the way that makes YOU happy and no one else. If you can't express yourself through your style, that's like never having your voice heard.

I don't know about you, but I refuse to let anyone silence me or make me feel like I am not worthy of fashion because of my size or my age. 

Click here to read about Meshel's green dress experience.

If you aren't a member of Gwynnie Bee and want to try the service out, you can try it for 30 days FREE of charge. Just click here to sign up. You won't be disappointed and you'll never know until you try. Shoot, those Effie's Heart dresses are EVERYTHING.

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  1. Gorgeous, doing it your way...

  2. I love this dress on you and your haircut is just perfect. Continue . .