#FearlessFashion: Where To Find Amazing (& Comfy) Bras

Friday, March 29, 2019

"Fashion is not about clothes. It is about a look." ~ Carine Roitfeld

And my look won't be on point if what's underneath is not right. So finding amazing (& comfy!) bras has become my mission.

Shirt: Walmart - Terra & Sky / Bra: Parfait via Livi Rae Lingerie

As I wrote about in my last blog post here, I had to get professionally fitted first so I knew what bra size I really was. It was a no-brainer that I was wearing the wrong bra size as 80% of women are in that same situation.

Once I was armed with information that was a combination of my true bra size (and knowing my bra size zone), my breast shape and what I should look for in a bra, I was all set. Now to find bras that can fit my lifestyle.

For me, I need a few bras for different things I have happening in my life so I was not looking for just 1 bra and I knew I would have to shop around and try different brands. 

I relied a lot on word of mouth also. I'm that girl who reads reviews and really looks at feedback and comments on social media. Hell, I've even easedropped on some conversations in-store and interjected my own self into them! LOL!

So here's my fave and go-to bras for every aspect of my life...

For Fit Modeling and Strapless dresses:

This bra is the truth! I'll be honest. I haven't had the best luck with Torrid bras. I need a supportive band and can't do the lacy band that many of their styles used to have. But Torrid has improved vastly with their bras and now they have supportive options that I love. This is the my go-to bra for when I go to fit modeling gigs as it is imperative you have a nude bra. Plus, the option to remove the straps or cross them in the back is so important.

Also, I have been wearing more strapless styles lately as my confidence grows and a great strapless bra that holds the girls up and keeps my back and side fat smoothed out is a necessity. This bra does ALL OF THAT. You can find it here.

For when I need a basic everyday black bra:

I discovered Trusst over a year ago and haven't looked back. Launched via Kickstarter in 2015, Trusst Brands has become a company that not only offers an innovative alternative to underwire but also caters to the D+ cup woman. They offer comfortable but supportive bras using 3D-printing for their bra design and obtaining a patent for their Breast Advanced Support Technology (BAST™), based on the engineering principles of a bridge truss. They now use that technology to create bras that use the core of your body to lift your breast weight from underneath the bust, reducing strain on the shoulders and back. Their bras also have a moisture-wicking, antimicrobial jersey lining and molded cups.

Let me tell you... if you ever hated your underwire stabbing you in the sides or poking through your bra, you MUST try a bra from Trusst. It has changed my life. I love how you can wear the bra as a racerback too! Plus, it's a company founded by a women for women. It can't any better than that. 

Supportive Sport Bras:

The Ultimate Sports Bra from SHEFIT had me so happy that I was dancing all over the place. I admit I was skeptical when I first heard about the bra. The sizing is different where they fit you by band versus cup and they state that their sizing fits up to 97% of bra sizes. 

That's a high percentage to boast so I was intrigued. After the SHEFIT representative showed me how to put on the bra (you slip it on like you would a jacket, then close the three clips in the front and zip up, then do the scoop and swoop technique), she helped me adjust the velcro straps and band. I was fitted into a size 6 Luxe and it fit SO WELL. The girls went up and didn't move. The support was so real, I didn't take it off and wore it home under my top.

So their patented Zip, Cinch, Lift is the truth. I can see how they secured an investor on Shark Tank last year. Read more about their story here - it's pretty incredible. I also love how they spotlight women of ALL sizes on their blog being active while wearing their bras.

With Alysse of Ready to Stare at the Curvy Couture LA Office

I had no idea sports bras with underwire existed so when I learned during a visit to Curvy Couture's offices in LA that they had one, I was elated and eager to try it on. Two years later, they have a newer version than the one I tried on and it is fabulous.

I actually fit into a 44 band at Curvy Couture when I am usually a 46 so knowing your bra size zone is key. Most women are wearing too large a band and too small a cup size so believe me, once you know your bra size zone, the fit becomes magical.

For those sexy but comfy moments:

Elomi has so many styles that fit this category that overall, they are one of my fave brands to buy bras from. So it's no surprise that my top fave sexy-comfy bra is from Elomi, courtesy of Livi Rae Lingerie while I was in Atlanta.

I have this bra in black (courtesy of my Elomi fitting above) and then in blue and pink (courtesy of Livi Rae Lingerie). I love that it's sexy but also comfy while lifting the girls to new heights.

When I saw the blue one at Livi Rae, I swooned! I was already on Cloud Nine from my experience there so this sealed the deal. If you're ever in the Atlanta area, you MUST check them out. They really are the bra experts and know what styles are perfect for you by just looking at you. The dressing rooms are so big and tricked out with a comfy chair, long-view mirror, pretty curtains and positive affirmations on the walls. And the owners and salespeople there are fabulous!

In Elomi, I wear a 46F. Again, bra zone, people! :-)

I like to have a sexy but comfy black bra to wear under shirts that will be seen through in a subtle way. I think it gives your look some sexiness. I also sometimes will wear a bra under a mesh top or blazer. This bra from Parfait is perfect for that. This is the bra I put on and left on as I walked out of Livi Rae Lingerie and headed to the airport. 

I am wearing a 44FF in the Marion.

Now that I have a nice bra collection to wear and wearing the right size, I feel like I can conquer the world because my back doesn't hurt anymore and no more straps digging into my shoulders. 

Next up, I want to try ThirdLove, more Trusst styles and more Curvy Couture styles. I especially can't wait to get my hands on the Morgan in Coral Haze, the Bijou Flirt in Raspberry and the Kim in Caramel from Elomi. I will definitely be sharing my thoughts on those styles on the blog so stay tuned.

What are your favorite bra styles? Have you tried ThirdLove? I'd love to know. Let's chat in the comments below.

**FYI, this post is not sponsored. All opinions and thoughts are my own.**

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