Are Jeans Really Satan's Pants? Lane Bryant Now Has Me Rethinking That...

Friday, August 30, 2019

I believe life's too short for compromises and bad fitting jeans ~ Lykke Li

As I have said so many times on this blog before, I have a love and hate relationship with jeans. It's to the point where I started calling them Satan's pants and even blurted that out in the opening of the first video I filmed for Glamour Magazine's Sizes 0 to 28 fashion series.

Since then, I have tried jeans from a myraid of brands and still haven't found a pair that I am truly in love with. I have come close and now I am starting to think that I may not find the perfect pair, unless I get them custom-made. 

(Shout out to Conchita E. Jamison and her custom denim business 2B Continued Denim Boutique!)

My issues are:

  • I have a smaller waist in proportion to my bust and hips, with a 17-inch difference between my waist and hips. So I almost always have to wear a belt to keep my jeans on and not have a gap in the back.
  • My calves measure 23" at the top part but then thin out towards the ankle. A pair of jeans may go over my ankle and bottom part of my calves but then be super tight in the upper area.
  • I have a long torso and short legs with my inseam being 28". So I am in between petites and regular lengths. For reference, I am 5'6".

So when I heard that Lane Bryant launched a special feature called the Flexband Magic Waistband, on ALL their jeans, I had to find out more and try these jeans out. 

The folks at Lane Bryant were kind enough to send me two pairs of jeans of my choice so here's what I chose and my fit experience:

These are not your normal jeggings! They have a three-button zip closure, which I love, because basic jeggings with an elastic waist never stay up on me and I can't wear a belt with them as they never have belt loops. 

These jeggings have belt loops but guess what? I didn't need to wear a belt!!!! They actually stayed up and there was no gap in the back.

I wore them ALL day to see if they would stay up and also not stretch out and they passed the test! I was so shocked. The waistband also didn't roll down at all. It stayed up!

These jeggings also fit well in the calves and the length was perfect. Check! Check! They're so soft and comfy with great stretch and recovery.

I paired the jeggings with one of my fave tees from Feminine Funk and for a pop of color, I wore my red Adidas Continental 80 sneakers, which I got on sale for $28 recently (they were marked down to $40 and I had an promo code to get extra off). Unfortunately, these red ones are sold out.

What's great about the Continental 80 line from Adidas is that they have so many colors and prints to choose from. I'm always about a pop of color or fun print when it comes my look, including sneakers.

These jeggings get two thumbs for me and I am going to see if they come in other washes and colors. I. MUST. HAVE. THEM. ALL.

I went in with high hopes with these jeans because not only did LB promise no gaps but these jeans have a comfy built-in slimming mesh that is supposed to offer tummy and waist control, smooth your thighs and boost your booty. 

I definitely felt the mesh panel doing its job and I loved how my lumpy thighs were smoothed out. But after wearing them all day, they started to fall. I could not go without a belt with these jeans. 

They were big in the hips and waist. By the end of the day, I was constantly pulling them up and they didn't feel as supportive as they did earlier in the day.

I do think I need to size down on these. I got the 28 but think a 26 may fare better for me. I'm going to head in-store to try the 26 and report back. 

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The calves fit well and the length was great. With a belt, these jeans managed to stay up for a second day of wear a few days later. I love how they're stretchy and don't feel constrictive but still keep you supported. And the booty was looking good, I have to admit. 

I just need to size down.

I paired the jeans with an old top from Lane Bryant that is one of my favorites, and my Basket Crush Emboss Heart Sneakers in Pale Pink-Hibiscus from Puma

Pink is such a great neutral that really gives a nice pop of color to a look. These sneakers are currently on sale for $39.99 in sizes 5.5 to 11. 

I do like these jeans but they are not keepers for me like the jeggings are.

Next up, I plan to try these jeans, the Signature Fit Skinny Jean in Dark Wash With Destruction... I've heard great things about them.

I'm loving that Lane Bryant has added the Flexband Magic Waistband to all their jeans + they offer so many sihouettes now and tons of high-rise jeans. I am a high-rise jeans girl, all day, every day. I like that I have options to try to see what works for me. So kudos to Lane Bryant! 

Now if they can add a size 30/32 to their size range so even more women can try their jeans, I will rejoice to the heavens.

You can check out these jeans below

High Rise 3-Button Jegging in Black (wearing size 28 Regular)

Tri-Sculpt High Rise Skinny Jean in Dark Iris Wash (wearing size 28 Regular)

**This blog post was sponsored by Lane Bryant but all opinions and statements are my own. 

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