Kicking Off 2021 With A Major Plus Size Brand Expanding Sizes

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Why, hello 2021! 

While I am not relieved yet that 2020 is gone (it still felt like 2020 with all the stuff going on in the first 2 weeks of the year), a new President is in the White House today and I just found out that a major plus size brand has expanded their sizes on some items. 

So today is one of those days where I am feeling hopeful for the world and the closets of women over a size 3X/24.

Without further ado... that brand is is LANE BRYANT.

Yes, you read right. Lane Bryant has been around since 1904 and now in the year 2021, I spied about 50ish items on their site that go up to size 38/40.

This was my face at first - Wuuuuuut?!?:

Then I got up out of my chair...

And walked around my living room as if it was my runway. I had to channel my inner Velvet D'Amour.

See, I always get extra happy when I see brands offering above a size 3X and 24. I recognize that I have some size privilege as I am a 26/28 and can sometimes fit into a 3X on top and there are mega brands like Old Navy and Target that offer a 4X. 

But I know personally how clothing options dwindle dramatically once you are looking for sizes 4X and above. And I want ALL women to have access to clothing. It's a basic need, y'all.

So Lane Bryant offering up to a size 38/40 is MEGA! I'm still in shock! 

I remember a few years ago, while at a Lane Bryant breakfast event at Full Figured Fashion Week, during Q&A with top heads of the brand, I asked if they would ever expand beyond a size 26/28 and one of the execs said NO so quickly and then went on to the next question. I was stunned at the abruptness, to say the least.

Times have changed and I AM HERE FOR IT. 

I will always have love for Lane Bryant despite that question moment. Last year in Sept 2020, I had the honor of being a part of a social media campaign for Hispanic Heritage Month and I do believe that with this expansion, they are making an effort. You don't see many mainstream plus size brands using women my size in campaigns so it was a big deal for me to be included.

With that said, I really want brands like LB to know that the women above a size 3X and 24 do shop and that we support their efforts.

Here's some of my favorites that are available in up to size 38/40:

FULL DISCLOSURE: There is no size chart I could find on the site with the measurements for the larger sizes. So as always, shop with caution. If an item has spandex, there's stretch. If it's 100% cotton and looks woven, chances are there's no stretch. Be mindful of that when shopping.

Lane Bryant Duster

You can view what I found on the site in up to size 38/40 here

I'm not sure if there are more items hiding but if the item number increases, I will post a follow-up here on the blog. There is no special category or mention on the site. I simply found it via word of mouth from ShaKera of The Real Sample Size (thanks, sis!).

Honestly, I am excited they included some Livi items and I feel like this assortment is a good start. You get two claps and a runway walk for this new development, LB. Thank you!

If you are on a budget and the prices are making you cringe, simply use code JANGIFT

If you spend $75, you will get $25 off your order; $50 off $150 and $75 off $225 and more. Free shipping kicks in on orders of $99 or more.

Will you be shopping from Lane Bryant's new expanded sizes? Let me know below in the comments!

**This blog post was NOT sponsored by Lane Bryant and all opinions and statements are my own. However, the product links in this post contain affiliate tags and I'll earn a small commission if you shop through them. This helps me continue to bring you amazing content. And your prices won't be affected at all.**

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