My Work/Articles/Awards

Published Works:

Essay titled "No, It's Not Me, It's You" in Hot & Heavy, Fierce Fat Girls on Life, Love & Fashion (October, 2012)


Public Speaking:

Curvy Girl Lingerie - Fashion For Everyone discussion - May 2017
Fullbeauty Brands panel - Customer Appreciation Day - 9/27/18

PLUS Model Magazine:

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On The Plus Side:

Learning to Embrace Yourself One Step at a Time

Wearable Lingerie – Three Ways to Wear a Bra in Public

#2017Goals: The Gift of Self-Love

Transitional Style: When Winter Feels Like Fall

What’s Your Style Mantra?

How I Conquered My Fear of Jumpsuits & Trying New Styles

Plus Sizes Do Not Stop at a Size 24

Can We Stop With All This #DropThePlus Stuff?

Knowing My Self-Worth Changed My Life

Three-Way Style: Confidence is the Best Accessory

Ignore the Size Tag

Why I’m Still Single With No Kids

“Flattering” is Not Such a Bad Word After All

Living While Grieving

What I Learned From My Nieces for 2016

Belle-Noir Magazine - Fearless Fridays column:

Worry Less, Accept More, Part 1

Worry Less, Accept More, Part 2

Forgotten Woman Series: Plus Size Shopping Tips for the New Year

Paying It Forward

What do YOU love to do?

Taking Control of Your Story, Part 1

Taking Control of Your Story, Part 2

Choosing To Be Who You Really Are

Are you a hero or a victim?

The Lessons I Learned From My Dad

All It Takes is One Person to Start a Revolution

Accept Me As I Am…NOW

Journaling is Good For The Soul

The Power of Forgiveness

Ignorance is Bliss

What Do You Love to Do?

Dare To Be Different...Dare To Be YOU!

Facing Your Fears

Celebrate you!

Honor The Life That You’ve Lived

Fearless Flying: Let's Hit The Road!

Fearless Flying: Tips For The Plus Size Traveler

Fearless Flying: Oh, The Places You'll Go! - Part 1

What Does Success Mean to You?

The Gift of Pain

Fearless Fashion: In Bras We Trust

Looking at the Glass Half Full

Being Happy in the Skin We Live In, Part 1

Being Happy in the Skin We Live In, Part 2: Just Let Go!

It's All About Surrendering

The Dating “Game”

Bloom Where You’re Planted

The Power of Words

The Miraculous Journey of Opening Your Heart

The Fear of Weight

Dealing With The Worst Day of Your Life

The Frugal Files: Using Store Reward Programs to Maximize Savings

Stay True to Yourself & Just Be You

When Your Inner Voice Speaks...Just Stop & Listen

Happiness Is More Than Just A New Dress Size

Your Life, Your Choice

We're Normal Too!

I Want To Be Like Her When I Grow Up, Pt 1

I Want To Be Like Her When I Grow Up, Part 2

Show Yourself Some Love

Color Your World Red

What is your calling?

I Am Me

New Year, Improved You: Be The Person You Want To Meet

Happy YOU Year!

‘Tis The Season to Let Go & Clean House

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