Fearless Files: "A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life."

10:33 PM

That quote from Coco Chanel couldn't be more true. A friend reminded me of that quote a few weeks ago when he asked why I cut all my hair off and said that when a woman cuts all her hair, it's a sign that she is going through a major change in her life. And I have to say, I agree with that wholeheartedly because my recent extreme haircut has changed my life.

I should have blogged about this 4 months ago when it happened but it was around that same time that I started my new job as Blog Editor for PLUS Model Magazine and school was starting so my tutoring sessions were also beginning. But I digress...

I cut my hair off on August 8. I will always remember that date because it was one of the most ballsy moves I have ever made in my life. Right up there with going to Europe by myself and climbing 20 flights of stairs to touch Buddha in Hong Kong.

I had really long hair until about 5 years ago and then I cut my hair into a bob that hung just below my shoulders. I think that was the beginning of my evolution since I got laid off and dumped by my boyfriend a week later. My hair then started to get shorter and shorter in the last 2 years but never shorter than chin length. Then one day, I decided I wanted a pixie cut. I was going through a transitional phase in my life and wanted a change. Plus, I have always heard that big girls can't rock pixie cuts because our faces are too fat. I felt like breaking another rule so I went for it. What the hell...I wear prints and do all sorts of things that people have said I can't do because of my weight. So why not cut my hair? ::insert fearless moment here::

I went into that salon looking like this:

Showed them this image:

And walked out the salon, looking like this....

Woo-woo-woo! Mannnnnn, I walked out of that salon with my hair the shortest it's ever been and I was ECSTATIC. Had a pep in my step and no one could tell me that I didn't look fabulous. Shoot, they even did my makeup. Shout out to the Carsten Institute in NYC! The girls there are awesome!

This hair has given me a sassy edge that I didn't have before. When I went back for a trim 6 weeks later, the girl went a little scissor-happy and just when I thought my hair couldn't get shorter, I walked out of there looking like Mia Farrow from Rosemary's Baby. But when I rocked that super short haircut at an event in Philly two weeks later, I was looking pretty hot. It really went well with this beautiful Igigi dress I am wearing (you can find that dress here)

Think I stopped there? Nope. Your girl is on a roll here. I went to Canada last month and visited a friend who is a former hairstylist. She colored my hair and gave me a haircut. Best part of it...she put purple sections in my hair.

This hair just gives me life. And I think I am going to keep it for a while. I hate that the pixie cut craze has now taken off since I like to be different and not run with the in crowd. I cut my hair just before Beyonce cut hers and started the trend. I think I look better anyway. And what!

So, Ladies, want to change your life? Cut your hair. Coco knew what she was talking about.

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  1. Marcy,

    The haircut looks great and I agree a woman that cuts all her hair off is about to change her life. I have been making some small changes lately and thinking about cutting all of my hair off. I have a picture of a hairstyle that I want and I am seriously considering cutting it all off in January. I am ready to start anew.

    Great job on the haircut it looks fabulous, your face looks so bright and happy, I love it.