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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stiletto Siren & I at FFF Week 10/30/10

Back in October, I was lucky enough to win VIP tickets to Full Figured Fashion Week(end) in Los Angeles courtesy of Sonsi and Lips, Hips and Fatshion Tips, a blog run by the beautiful Stiletto Siren. It was such a great event where I met so many amazing people like Stiletto Siren herself, plus size models Rosie Mercado and Fluvia Lacerda, my girls from the Fashion Plus 3 blog, blogger and plus size model Nichole Nikstar Smith, designer Celes Harvey of Sassi Rebel Clothing, Plus Model Magazine Editor Madeline Figueroa Jones and others.

Well, apparently, that prize was the prize that keeps on giving. In mid-December, as I sat in Macy’s, Christmas shopping with a friend, I got an email informing me that I won the $300 shopping spree from Evans that was being promoted during FFF Week(end). ::flatlines:: Yes, I almost passed out in the shoe department as my homegirl Carmen was trying on boots.

Now for those of you who don’t know me, I love Evans. No, let me rephrase that…I FREAKING LOVE EVANS. When I went to London last March, I hit up the Evans store in Marble Arch and must have spent about $400. For me to spend any kind of money like that, you know it’s a big deal. I loved my shopping experience there so much that as soon as I got home, I placed another order with them online and then wrote a store review on Madison Plus. It was that serious for a fashion recessionista such as myself. Because you know I bought like half the store for my $400, lol. I bought so many things on sale that I needed to buy a second suitcase while in London. I bought a few pairs of shoes, belts, bags, accessories, on top of the clothes I picked up. Things that I have such a hard time finding in the US. Bags with longer straps, pretty belts, and shoes galore!

Evans is a great store that I wish was available in the US. It’s hard for me to find shoes here because I am in between widths and size. Sometimes a 9 is tight and a 9 ½ is too loose. Evans offers 3 types of widths and their shoes are very generous in length. I have yet to try a pair of their boots but I hear they are awesome. I still have my Evans gladiator sandal wedges on a pedestal in my room. I always wanted a pair and could not find a pair that would fit me, width-wise. Thank you Evans!

So I submitted my list of items to Evans yesterday and cannot wait for them to arrive! Soooo excited. Here’s some of the items I picked...feel free to shop my look and we’ll all look fabulous together, lol.

Red V Neck Top
Hamnett(R) Choose Life Tee
Black and White Print Jacket
Grey Rouched Coat
Black Ponte Pencil Skirt
Black Jersey Side Jeggings
Grey Leopard Print Tights
Black Stud Trim Hip Belt


  1. Nice choices. I really like that jacket!

  2. Congrats Marcy! Evans is seriously to die for! I love their pieces and their shoes! Gotta love that they do wide and extra wide shoes. And yes, Evans please come to the US!

    Love ya Marcy
    The Fab 3