Happy Valentine's Day

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So it is almost the end of Valentine's Day and no matter how much I said I hate the day, something always happens to make me once again feel the love. It's weird because I embrace my single status.  I truly believe in love and know that when that higher power thinks I'm ready, that man will come into my life. So I'm not too concerned anymore about that.

I used to be, BIG TIME. As women, we have expiration dates when it comes to having children so for those of us who want kids, when we pass that 40-yr mark and still have not had any, we start to get a LITTLE concerned, lol. But I look at the bright side instead of dwelling on that impending expiration date. I always say, shoot, I have a good 6-7 years to have a baby. I'm good. And you get to a point where you start to accept that if it isn't in the cards, that's okay too. I plan to adopt so I will be okay.

But getting back to love, we all want to have that special love in our lives. And after today and the outpouring of love I received from my friends and family, I realized that no matter how much I say I loathe this day, I am a romantic at heart. And I will never give up hope that it will find me. Love is beautiful. Love is out there for all of us. I truly believe that. So while I wait, I will continue to work on me mentally and physically, being bold, being fearless and enjoying this time of waiting. That's all I can do.

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