And the lessons keep on coming...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

We learn lessons daily, some minor and some major - for me, when I travel, for some reason, getting out of my norm really helps me to see the lesson that needs to be learned. I'm more hungry now more than ever to learn these lessons because honestly, I feel like I woke up when my dad died. A sudden, unexpected death, especially when it's someone who you think will live forever, will wake you up and place you into a state of reality. It has always sounded cliche to me but the saying "Life is too short." is so true. We have to embrace the now. These moments are all we have. Because you don't know where you will be tomorrow. This is the state of reality I am in now and I'm embracing it.

My lessons learned this week are:

  • Stop mourning the loss of seasonal friends. If someone is a lifelong friend, they will never leave your side, no matter how tough things get or how life changes. The friendship will grow and change with these circumstances. When a season ends, a new one begins with new friends. There is no use wasting time, crying over friends who are no longer in your life. Letting go is hard but once you do, you feel lighter because you have let go of unnecessary emotional baggage.
  • With lifelong friends, you have to appreciate them as much as you can. Because they are gifts in your life. The other day, I looked at my best friend Herman and I really wanted to cry because so many emotions flooded my heart. He has done so much for me - I don't think he really knows how much I love him. He is the one person who knows me 100% and loves me as I am. He doesn't get annoyed by my anxiety and how I sometimes act a certain way. He takes care of me, even more so now that my dad is gone. My dad was the type of person that if he liked you and admired you, that was a big deal because he just did not dole out accolades like that. When my step-mom met Herman at my dad's funeral, she said "So you're Herman!?! Wow, I am so happy to meet you. Danny always talked about you and he never worried about Marcy when she was with you. Thank you so much for being so good to her." That meant the world to me. Also, the fact that Herman took a day off of work to drive 2 hours each way on a Tuesday to come to the funeral. He's a great friend indeed.
  • Stop worrying about what others think. This one is self-explanatory, lol.
  • Always be you and never be afraid to be you in front of anyone. If they can't accept you for who you are, they're not worth it anyway.

I'm starting to get my travel bug back in full force. This desire within me to visit places far, far away is becoming greater. Despite not having a steady exuberant income or a significant other to share the experiences with, I fully believe I can go to Argentina or Africa or Australia and have the time of my life. Anything is possible. I'm just feeling this fire again. I don't know how I got it back but I'm not questioning it, lol.

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