Fearless Fashion: My favorite dresses at the moment...from Igigi

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fashion, to me, is yet another way for me to express myself and make myself happy. A new outfit can heal the soul and put a pep in your step, let me tell you. With Full Figured Fashion Week(tm) NYC coming up in two months and with me on the production team, I really have been trying to get all my outfits together for all the events I'm attending.

Igigi by Yuliya Raquel is one of my favorite designers. However, at this moment, all I can do is admire the dresses from afar because I am on a tight budget these days. Side note: thank goodness I bought my white dress for the white-on-white cruise back in October while in Canada where it was on sale and a major buy. Yes, outfits for FFF Week 2012 have been on my mind since last summer, lol. The key here is that you want to look fabulous but don't want to be wearing the same thing as someone else. 

So here are my dream dresses at the moment:

The Renata Dress in Deep Fuchsia, available in sizes 12 - 30/32, $160
There's just something about ruching and draping that can make a body look good, lol. Especially if you have a waist and an hourglass figure. If I ever wore this dress, I am sure there will be people passing out because it would be me stepping outside the box. But I love it...love the fabric, love the color and love that the length is just below the knee. And I am all about challenging myself and stepping outside the box. You only live once!

The Marquette Dress, available in sizes 12 - 30/32, $165
I love black, I love sequins, I love a great v-neck. 'Nuff said. I know that if I wore this dress, I would hear Rupaul's Covergirl playing in my head as I walked, lol.

The Becca Dress, available in sizes 12 - 30/32, $165
I have always wanted to try the one-shoulder trend but the thought of wearing a strapless bra scares me since I am not small on top. So when I saw this dress, I thought this was the perfect alternative to a one-shoulder. And even if you are a little sketchy about showing your full arm, I think this is a perfect way for you to take baby steps on bearing arms. The detail on the shoulder is FABULOUS! Fabric looks wonderful and flattering. Love it!

Now let me just say that under $200 for a great event dress that goes up to 30/32 is a great deal. However, for me, I can get a whole wardrobe for $165 but that's me, the couponista/recessionista, lol. But if you have the money and need a fabulous dress, you should check Igigi out. I always said that if I came into some serious money, I would buy every dress. And I have heard others say the same thing. My friend Aja from Belle-Noir Magazine talks about Igigi all the time and she recently wore a dress of theirs to a wedding and looked FABULOUS.  Their tailoring is impeccable, fabrics used are amazing and their customer service is top notch. You will not be disappointed.

Enough of me sounding like a commercial....lol. Can't help it...when I love something, I want to shout it out. So what's your fearless fashion of the moment? I would love to hear about it - I'm always looking for new places to shop and pieces to check out.

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