Fearless Fashion: Channeling My Inner Lady In Red

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I absolutely love this quote from Bill Blass and always think of it when I pull a piece of red clothing to wear from my closet:

"When in doubt, wear red."

Red is one of my favorite colors and a color I happen to look fantastic in. So any chance I get, I channel my inner Lady in Red. It's something about red that gives me a fearless attitude and that extra confidence that sometimes is needed when things aren't going right. Red makes me feel bolder. It's like I have an alter ego when I wear red. I guess we can call her Audrey, lol. I usually feel like this when wearing red:

Audrey was not lying when she said there is a shade of red for every woman. And that red will have you in your own "Audrey in Funny Face" moment. I love how red makes you stand out in a room and gets you noticed. My inner Lady in Red is the epitome of fearless fashion in my life. Even as a child, I was channeling my inner Lady in Red, hand on hip and all.

For years, without even knowing it, I have been playing around with adding hints of red to my wardrobe and not just wearing a red dress once in a while. I guess subconsciously I am saying that I wanted to channel my inner Lady in Red, my alter ego, on a regular basis. We should feel bold and strive for fearless moments daily. And for me, fashion plays a big part of that. I started slowly with a classic red blazer, some red flats and shoot, even a red graphic tee. My love for Hello Kitty knows no bounds and I don't care if I'm above the age of 25 wearing an HK tee. Life is all about breaking those silly fashion rules.

Lately, I have been in a slump. I think it's mostly due to the winter season and the fact that NYC has been getting major snow and super cold temps this season. So I decided that this month, I would show myself some extra love and take myself out on some dates. It is the month of love and since I am single, I have to date myself for now. There's nothing wrong with that!

So here's some outfits I plan to rock while out on my ME dates this month...of course, I must channel my inner Lady in Red in time for Valentine's Day.

Outfit #1: Cable Sweater Dress from Jessica London. You can buy it here. Color is red ochre and I am wearing a size 26/28. I love how it fits. I will say that if you get hot and flustered fast like I do, this dress is heavy and very warm. It's appropriate for very cold weather and paired with my OneStopPlus boots and Torrid wide belt, it's a great stylish winter option to channeling my inner Lady in Red. The belt is sold out but you can buy a similar one here. My tights are actually footless pant liner shapewear from Avenue that I have had for years. So it acts as tights and shapewear. A win-win! I like to wear socks with my boots so this works for me.

Outfit #2: You may have seen this ASOS Curve dress on various plus size fashion blogs out there. I usually don't buy a piece that has been worn to death by many but I love animal print and the color red PLUS it was on sale for $27 plus an extra 20% off and free shipping, so I couldn't resist. It's a swing dress, which is not my fave silhouette for my body so I belted it with the same Torrid belt as in Outfit #1 to give it some definition and show off my waist. Same OSP boots and tights. I'm 5'7" and it hits me above the knee. I am wearing a size 22 but could have sized down to a 20. However, the upper arms fit perfect so I don't know if the 20 would have allowed my upper arms to feel comfortable. You can buy this dress here

Outfit #3: This outfit to me is rocker chic. The dress is from Eshakti and is a stretch kind of poly crepe material with a faux leather stripe down the middle and exposed zipper. I LOVE EXPOSED ZIPPERS! I ordered a size 28 standard size but with eShakti, you can also customize your dress to your exact measurements for an additional $7.50. The faux leather jacket is from Evans and I LOVE IT. I am wearing a 26/28 and the arms fit great. It looks very luxe...some people have told me it looks like real leather! The dress is currently out of stock but eShakti is good at restocking an item if there is a great demand for it. You can sign up to get an email when it is back in stock here. You can buy the jacket here.

As you can see, I shop on a budget so I always try to pick transitional pieces I can wear season to season as well as wearing pieces in different outfits. The sweater dress is the only piece above that I can't wear year-round. But that's okay because a classic sweater dress is a staple in your closet that you can have for many years and it will never go out of style. My boots are my go-to right now and you can never have enough belts, wide and skinny. For years, I shied away from wearing belts because of that fashion rule that big girls can't wear belts. It's empowering to not only break a fashion rule but look good while doing it.

I hope you will be inspired to channel your inner Lady in Red. Go for it this month! You always have a choice in how you spend your moments. Why not spend them looking fierce and feeling confident?

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  1. The eShakti dress looks fantastic on you!! I love it! <3 Your looking so fierce lady.

  2. I absolutely love your red dresses.. I really like that dress from Eshakti ...I need to get off the no spending wagon so I can buy.. buy.. buy..

  3. Oh! now I cant wait to get my dress in the mail. I ordered that second dress last week! I love the looks on you. Red is your color!!

  4. Um so all of these are great. BUT BUT BUT the exposed gold zipper on the third takes the entire cake. Like you, I am in lust with them. IN FREAKING LUST. XOX M

  5. Cute childhood pic!

  6. Love that you are going to rock red for your ME dates!

  7. Sweater dresses are just the coziest thing to wear ever. I think I love the ASOS one best, but they're all great on you.

  8. I love all the outfits! I like challenging fat girl fashion rules too. I totally understand about the weather getting to you as well, I'm really done with this winter. Take yourself out on a hot date lady in red!

  9. I love your Jessica London dress. Perfect for the season, spiced up with a red color! You belted it just great, gave you a fantastic silhouette.