Fearless Adventures in Washington DC

Friday, May 9, 2014

Last weekend, I went on a trip to DC on a whim. A friend asked me at the last minute to go and I, of course, being the adventurer I am, jumped at the chance.

I have been to DC many times over the years but I have to say, I felt like I saw the city for the first time this past weekend. It really is true that your travel partner can make a difference in how your trip turns out. I was cloud chasing in full force all weekend. The weather was beautiful and I just felt so free.

I also worked through two fears while in DC. First, I actually wore a white cropped jacket. I have not worn white since I was a kid. I have a hatred of the color white because I was always told that white makes you look fatter. That white is not flattering on a plus size body. This white jacket had been sitting in my closet for two years. I finally decided to cut off the tags and put it into fashion rotation and I LOVE IT.

Ironically, I ended up wearing a white top on Friday and Saturday. I was so bold, lol. Not sure if I'm ready for white pants yet. Baby steps, people.

I also have a fear of walking up and down steep stairs that don't have arm-rails. I fell down a flight of stairs almost 20 years ago and broke my ankle. So I have always been afraid of falling again. And I never visited the monuments in DC for that very reason. I realized this past weekend that I was missing out on something wonderful because my fear was holding me back. Walking up and down the stairs of the Jefferson Memorial on my first night of DC was such a defining moment for me. I felt stronger and more fearless. I felt like I let go and that alone was so freeing. And I got to see the sunset as I walked down the stairs.

As I always say, it's all about the adventure! And I kicked fear to the curb last weekend. Yes!


  1. what what... our picture made your blog! woohoo

  2. Congratulations for facing your fears and writing so beautifully about it.