Why I Love Audrey

Saturday, May 10, 2014

I love Audrey Hepburn. Everyone who knows me, know I loves me some Audrey.

I call my bedroom the Audrey room. There's framed Audrey movie posters, huge Audrey canvas I scored at IKEA and even an Audrey clock that my brother gave me for Christmas two years ago. I own two Audrey tees, an Audrey lunchbox, books and am now on a quest for some Audrey ballerina flats. My friend Donna actually found an Audrey Hepburn wine glass that she gifted me! I even have an Audrey luggage tag on my suitcase.
My Audrey canvas in the background

People often ask me, "Why do you love Audrey so much?" and it is assumed that I love her because she was and is still a fashion icon. Nope, that's not the reason. Don't get me wrong. I love her style and have mimicked it at times in my life. But what I love about Audrey so much is that she was fearless.

She had been through a lot in her life. Audrey lived in Europe during World War II, mostly in the Netherlands and her father was absent for most of her life. Her plan was to be a ballet dancer and she trained so well that by the time she was 15, she was dancing in secret for groups of people to collect money for the Dutch resistance. Her family starved and really suffered during the war. But she used her creative talents as an outlet and even drew as a way to pass the time. This is why she became so passionate in helping others and became a humanitarian later in life, becoming a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

After being told that she was too tall and weak to become a prima ballerina, she worked in theatre to pay the bills until she was discovered and became the wonderful actress that she is known for.

Audrey never gave up. She was a decent ballerina but that wasn't her calling. She was great at theatre but that wasn't her calling. All of these things just led her to her actual calling. I always believed that acting wasn't her true calling either. It was another step towards her true calling of being inspiring to others. Helping others through her own experiences and being able to make enough money to be able to help others too. Audrey was about love, persistence, kindness, gratitude and generosity. She was so thankful for her life, even the bad times. Because she knew there was always a lesson to be learned. And she knew how to live her life gracefully and with dignity.

So, why do I love Audrey so much? Because she was someone who I strive to be like. She had such a wonderful heart and despite all the setbacks she encountered (even in her adult life, she suffered miscarriages, failed marriages and eventually died from cancer), she always had a smile on her face and never turned away from anyone.

Her birthday was May 4, this past Sunday and I always try to have one good adventure and do three good deeds in her honor. This year was no different. People like her are rare but they make such an impact. She will always be my hero. I'll be honoring her all month because for me, May is Audrey month.

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