Getting My "Eye of The Tiger" Back With New Activewear

Friday, April 3, 2015

Wellness is the compete integration of body, mind, and spirit - the realization that everything we do, think, feel, and believe has an effect on our state of well-being. ~ Greg Anderson

After this long winter (which is still lingering), I am itching to get back to working out regularly. I will admit that I slacked off this winter with working out daily and I can feel it. I miss that adrenaline rush, extra bursts of energy and being less winded, which all happens when I work out.

My current exercise regimen consists of walking, squats (using a chair), light arm weights and the old-fashion aerobic stepper. Sure, I'm a big girl but no matter what your size, you can be active. Honestly, it's as easy as simply moving. Do what works for you. As long as you're moving. Sometimes I walk around the supermarket a few times with the pedometer app on my phone on and before I know it, I've walked 2 miles and shopped for groceries.

But in order for me to truly work out and be about it 100%, I need decent activewear. And it has been tough finding great activewear in my size. I'm a size 26 in bottoms and 26/28 in tops. Sometimes I fit into a 3X in tops but it really depends on the cut and fabric. With activewear, I want it to move well with me, be comfortable and be cute! I don't want to be caught dead outside wearing some unflattering sweats and a huge t-shirt. So not my style.

There are some awesome plus size activewear lines out there now but most of them stop at a size 3X and some of the 3Xs are a small junior fit.

This is why when I saw the activewear at Catherines, I almost broke into a snoopy dance in the middle of the store. Great fabrics, fun colors and a nice assortment of tops, jackets and bottoms. All up to a size 5X! I always support a retailer who shows love for my plus size sisters above a size 3X. So kudos to Catherines!

And finding the perfect activewear outfit at Catherines was fitting since I was in one of my favorite cities... Philadelphia! I always visit the Rocky statue and run up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It's something about Rocky that gets me pumped up. And that was needed after this dreary, cold winter.

I chose a top and pants combo at Catherines that screamed comfort, functionality and fun to me. I love the top because it's soft, stretchy and the print is so stylish. I'm a prints girl so I am not surprised that I gravitated towards this top. I love the neon detail in both pieces, which added a nice pop of color. The pants are so comfortable and the fabric was stretchy but offered some support, which I loved as well. I sized down in both pieces to a 3X so you definitely have to try on pieces to see what size works for you.

Here's some pics from my Philly activewear adventure:

Style Tip: If it's a little chilly out, you can add a scarf, which also can double as a pop of color. And a cute baseball cap can also make your active look stylish but keep your head warm. I opted for a neon yellow scarf and basic black cap.

What I also love about this activewear look is that I can wear it to run errands and just hang out, too. Win, win! Which is what I did after the museum...

You can shop my look at the following links:

Smart Stride Top from Catherines - Not available online (I found it in-store). You can buy the matching jacket here.

And you can check out all the activewear at Catherines here

Now let's get moving! :-)


  1. This article was very informative and encouraging. Every woman wants to feel beautiful inside and out even if they are working out! Wearing a cap is my favorite. can hide bad hair and give yourself the extra shade from the sun or the cold.

  2. Lovedddddddd it all lovely pics please don't. Stop very inspiring for others I'm sure