Dressing Room Diaries: Trying Lela Rose for Lane Bryant (Being Over a Size 24)

Monday, May 4, 2015

"If you splurge, do it on an item that's fun, because you'll feel good whenever you put it on." ~ Lela Rose

When I heard that Lela Rose was designing a capsule collection for Lane Bryant, I was overjoyed. I love Isabel Toledo very much but most of her collection, while beautiful, was simply not my style. I love color and prints -- and that's what Lela Rose is all about.

The 11-piece collection didn't disappoint when I first saw it. I immediately saw a few items I wanted. However, I was skeptical about getting it off the rack because being at the end of the size range at LB can be hit or miss. So I got two items in-store and three online. I always look for stretch because Lane Bryant only goes up to 28 and while I am usually a 26, there are times where I don't even fit into a 28 in LB.

I was sure that the three items I got online would fit but I did get a 28 in all three, just in case. The infamous watercolor dress that many are in love with was sold out online so I had to pick it up in-store. I was happy I went in-store to try it on because that dress has no stretch AT ALL. While the skirt is full, the bodice is fitted. I tried a 28 and the underarm area was gapping out. So I tried the 26. This is me wearing the 26:

I love the dress but the no stretch factor bothers me. It didn't bother me on the level where I didn't get the dress (I did, lol). But it is something to keep in mind if you plan to get this dress. This is definitely a dress you should try on in-store, especially if you're busty on top. (For the record, I am a 46DD.) 

I also tried on the Graphic Print Sateen Dress. I wasn't going to at first because online it did not excite me. But when I saw it in-store and saw that it was a heavier cotton that had stretch, I took it off the rack and into the dressing room with me.

Get this... I AM WEARING A SIZE 24!!! This is what I mean by the vast difference in stretch versus no stretch. Now this dress is slightly above the knee for me at 5'7" but it is because of my butt and hips lifting it a bit. Since I am trying to dress outside my safe little fashion box, I went for it. This dress comes with a cute pink belt. 

Out of the three pieces I got online, two fit:

Watercolor Tee - has no stretch but I fit into a size 28. This is the same print and fabric as the Watercolor dress. I love it so much but it is a bit tight in the hips when I sit down. It does have a nice high-low hem and can be worn with several colors so this is definitely one of those items that can create a multitude of outfits.

Crosshatch Tunic - this one has a bit of stretch but not much. The detailing on the shoulders and sleeves is nice and I like the length. I fit into size 28. I love having a simple yet pretty black top.

Unfortunately, the Print Block Sheath Dress did not fit. I thought it would have stretch but I was sooo wrong. I couldn't even get it over my head. This I got in a 28 as well.

I didn't show myself wearing the two tops because I plan to blog about them in the next week. I can't wait to show them off in a head to toe outfit. The Watercolor Tee is my favorite and I am going to have fun with that top.

Click here to shop the Lela Rose collection for Lane Bryant.

Have you tried any Lela Rose pieces? I see a few more I like so I would love to hear of your fitting experiences in a comment below. :-)

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