Another Step Closer to Fashion Freedom and Fearlessness

Thursday, May 7, 2015

"People will stare. Make it worth their while." ~ Harry Winston

I was trained from an early age to wear black because it's "slimming". My inner fashionista felt stifled because I love color and prints. So I struggled with myself because there were times I was fearless enough to wear a bold color (like this yellow skirt I wore to the homecoming dance in high school) or a crazy print (like those red and white palm print shorts I wore during the summer I was 15). And then there were times where my anxiety of attracting unwanted attention kicked in and I would wear all black. 

Even today, twenty-something years later, I still have my little issues that I am conquering one outfit at a time. Like wearing white pants (on my to-do list), wearing skirts and dresses above the knee (check, sort-of) and the one I conquered recently... wearing printed pants.

For years, I have looked at printed pants with such admiration and awe. I love leopard print and would secretly wish I could pull off some leopard print pants. I love stripes and florals, too. In the past few years, I have upped my fashion game simply by letting go of my anxiety over wearing certain things. It not only comes with time but also with a change in mindset. I always say, "Change your mindset, change your life". It is so true. We can't control how others act but we can control our opinions and thoughts about ourselves and how we react to others.

So I decided the time was now. When I saw this pair of black and white palm print cropped pants at Lane Bryant, I went for it. And when I put them on, they fit so well, it was magical. Seriously. This was so long over due.

I love the beach and while it was still a little chilly out on this particular day, it was fun to take some pics on the new boardwalk. Rockaway Beach is still being renovated and rebuilt after Superstorm Sandy hit the peninsula almost three years ago but it was nice to see what's to come in various finished areas of the boardwalk.

Of course, I wanted to add a pop of color, which is my signature, lol. I paired the pants with my favorite jacket in the world right hot pink moto jacket, also from Lane Bryant. I say this jacket is so magical because good things always happen when I am wearing this jacket. I also wore a nice and simple button-down shirt from Catherines and hot pink patent flats from Lane Bryant.

I love this outfit and you best believe I will be rocking these pants ALL SUMMER in different outfits. These pants are versatile like that, which I love. And there's a heavier feel to the fabric with stretch which is nice for me since it provides some support and keeps the "jiggle jiggle", while I am sashaying around, looking flawless. 

And let's not talk about this jacket, which I have worn in so many outfits already. My next blog post will talk to this jacket again and how I paired it with a dress. It's always great to have a jacket in a bold color to give your outfit that extra stylish element. My 15-yr old inner self is saying "This jacket is dope!".

On my way to fashion freedom and fearlessness, baby!

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