Making my #denimdebut with Catherines & loving it!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

"My memories are of denim. I remember being 12 in my Levi's. Wow!" Stefano Gabbana

When I think of my pre-teen days in middle school, my memories are of denim. Like Stefano Gabbana, I remember being 12 in my Levi's.

However, the difference here is that I was a plus size kid and had to "borrow" my dad's Levi's. As a child growing up in the 80's, I was thankful for the men's department because for me, the only designer brand that offered my size 36/38 bottom some jeans in the women's department was Gloria Vanderbilt. God bless that woman.

While I loved my colored Gloria Vanderbilt jeans (She was before her time with colored denim), it wasn't quite the same as wearing regular wash denim. When I put on those Levi's, I felt normal. I felt like everyone else. I felt like I didn't have to try hard to fit in fashion-wise because I was wearing what the thinner kids were wearing.

1985 - when acid wash denim was hot (and now it's back!) - I'm on the right
My, how times have changed but still don't feel THAT different.

A few decades later, plus size denim has evolved and there are more options. But now at a size 26, my options are still limited. And let's not even talk about the fact that I have a small waist in comparison to my bust and hips AND I have large upper calves and smaller ankles. So skinny jeans for me are no-go, even in plus sizes. Retailers seem to think all calves are one straight size. But I digress.

However, denim has played such a big part of my life because it is my go-to everyday piece. I love how I can take a pair of jeans and wear it effortlessly from day to night with a switch of shoes and an addition of a jacket or different top. Add some accessories and a hot clutch and BAM, there you go! So I refuse to give up on finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans for me. But it feels like there is still more changes to be made when it comes to offering fashion to women above a size 24.

I have made no secret for my love for Catherines. I've been a brand ambassador for them twice this year and I never endorse a brand unless I truly love the fit and quality of their clothing. They are one of two places I have been able to get denim off the rack, that fits well. And they offer up to a size 34 and 6X. Yes! So when they reached out to me to be a part of their #denimdebut campaign and gifted me some jeans, I jumped at the chance.

I opted to choose a pair of medium wash jeans from their new True Stretch line to try something new and get out of my fashion box. I usually wear dark denim because I am not comfortable showing off my lumpy thighs. But I realized I was making my lumps more visible than they actually are. We see things differently than how the world sees them, when we focus too much on the negative. This is something I am working on one day at a time.

I paired my jeans with a embellished neck tank top, black lace mixed-media jacket and suede booties, all from Catherines. I added a pop of color with this dope green bag from Fashion to Figure.

I love the silver fringe detail at the neck of this tank. It takes a simple tank and makes it FANCY. And I love all things fancy. 

This jacket is the best thing I own at the moment. The sleeves have stretch so they fit my large upper arms well. And the length of the sleeves are perfect (I usually have issues with sleeves being slightly long on me). Love the mix of lace and faux leather - very chic. And this jacket looks very expensive.

Now I have yet to find a pair of jeans that fit me like a second skin but I will take what I can get. Sure, the fit isn't smooth because of the size ratio between my thighs, knees and calves. But I think I still look pretty damn good. And that's what counts. 

Thanks Catherines for offering some of the best fit and quality in clothing for plus size women that I have seen to date. And that is my personal opinion (no endorsement deal at all). I think my pictures and beaming smile say it all.

You can shop my look here:

Check out Catherines on social media with the hashtag #denimdebut to see how other plus size fashion bloggers make their own denim debuts in Catherines new denim line this fall. What do you think of my look? Do you have issues finding great denim? Please leave me a comment below and let me know!

**Sponsored post disclaimer: The clothing in this post was gifted but all of the statements and opinions are my own.**


  1. You look great, Marcy! I am definitely going to have to try that jacket on this weekend. You and Liz wear it so well!

  2. Oh my gosh, Levi jeans! Yes and yes. High-waisted Levi jeans were all the rage at my little southern high school back in 2000. I'll never forget the pair of bleached Levi jeans I wore to school as a freshman. I bought them at a mall in Atlanta and felt SO cool, even if the other kids disagreed (they just didn't get it). ;) Lol