#FashionForAll: 5 Brands I Would Love To See Offer Above a Size 24

Monday, January 9, 2017

"If they don't give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair." ~ Shirley Chisholm

I hear plus size women all the time griping how they wish they could shop at straight size stores or how hard it is for them to shop in plus stores and sometimes, even though I love my fellow plus sisters, I look at them like this:

Listen, I feel your pain but if you're under a size 24, in my eyes, you have an abundance of fashion accessible to you. Try being outsized in not only the straight size world but the plus size one too! Then you will understand why I am giving y'all the Anna Wintour resting bitch face with an undercover side eye under my sunglasses.

If you're a size 18 and under, you can even shop at straight size stores! And I am not mad at you. You go, Girl and shop! But please recognize that my fashion struggle is very different than yours.

For example... recently, GabiFresh launched her latest swimwear collection with SwimsuitsForall. And I loved the whole collection. However, I can't wear any of it because it stops at a size 24. And I love me some GabiFresh - so I hope she will expand on her sizes very soon.

I try to shop more by fit than size because sizing is so inconsistent across the board. I have fit into clothing from brands like ASOS and City Chic but it hasn't been often. It truly depends on fabric and cut.

For a long time, I felt like I wasn't worthy of fashion or that I needed to lose weight in order to fit into a smaller size. It's terrible and now looking back, I wonder how young girls, like my nieces who are considered plus size, feel when shopping. 

Having fashion available in a wide range of sizes is not promoting obesity. Fashion builds confidence and will help someone with their self-esteem when dressing in what they love, which in turn will inspire them to be the healthiest they can be, at any size. This in turn will change how we view health and body size.

I believe that fashion is for everyone. And style isn't limited by size.

There are so many great plus size brands that I personally would love to shop but they do not offer my size. The only way to change the minds of others is to educate them and let our voices be heard. 

We all have the power of the wallet. Support those companies that support us while telling the others what we want. There's strength in numbers and with social media at our fingertips, we can easily talk to companies and let them know how we feel. 

With that said, here's my top 5 brands that I would definitely shop, if they expanded their size range:

When the Essie X Kelly collection came out over the holidays, I would have bought every single item in that collection. But of course, it only went up to a size 3X and 24. FTF is so affordable and they have physical stores in my area. So I'd be shopping in there and online often.

I will admit I've scored some pieces from them that fit but believe me, after trying on everything in store (yes everything!), I walked away with like 8 pieces. And that in itself was exhausting.

I still wear this FTF skater dress to this day (it's from 2015)
I love their new active line and even tried a pair of their jeans which was available in a size 26 but they didn't fit. ::fashion tears::

The company itself is filled with amazing people including the CEO Michael Kaplan. I would support them in an instant if they expanded their size range. Hell, I'd be the President of their fan club. 

#2: debshops

I feel like many women sleep on debshops because a lot of their stuff is revealing but let me tell you, they have some nice, affordable styles. They relaunched bigger and better last year. However, their sizing is 1XL to 3XL so um no, not fitting me.

And they have reached out to me to work with them and are so nice. I wish! I would work with them in a heartbeat and get my big sexy chic on.

#3: Boohoo

This jumpsuit from Boohoo has my name written all over it. ::sigh::
I love me some Boohoo and they're another brand that's super affordable. But they only offer up to a size 20!!!!! C'mon, people!!!! I want to wear your stuff. Please! Their jumpsuits are gorgeous!

#4: Elvi

I recently discovered this brand and was so disappointed that they stop at a size 24. I just noticed they added a size 26 on some styles, which is great, but if I don't fit into it, I can't size up. They have such great styles too! And they're affordable!

#5: Rachel Roy

Rachel Roy, help a size 26/28 sister out, please! I want this dress!
Ever since she launched her Curvy line, I have been obsessed with Rachel Roy. But she only offers up to a size 24 and it doesn't fit me at all. Her sales make me scream because I want to buy everything and can't. I pray she expands on her sizes. I think she would have so many more customers.

Other brands I'd like to mention....

Lane Bryant - I won't front. If it wasn't for Lane Bryant, I wouldn't even own any designer pieces (That Christian Siriano line still has me swooning). But I silently pray daily that they expand to a size 30/32 because in all honesty, 7 times out of 10, their size 28 bottoms don't fit me. So I usually only buy tops and dresses from them. And sometimes, fit is an issue for me there. 

Thank you Christian Siriano for this amazing jacket
City Chic - I fit into some styles that are offered in a size XXL (24) but they have some styles that only go up to 22. There's these moto pants I want so bad but they run small and only go up to 22.

Melissa McCarthy Seven7 - Same here. She offers 4X and up to a 28 on some styles but not all. And of course, they are styles I want badly.

SLINK Jeans - I want to try them so bad but they only go up to a size 24 and I'm usually a 28 in jeans because of my hips. Ugh, they look so good on everyone I see wearing them.

Special shout out to brands like Avenue, Old Navy and Torrid who have been offering above a size 24 for years. And a special thank you to Eloquii, Charlotte Russe and Ashley Stewart for expanding their size ranges. I'm still working on finding my fit at CR and Ashley Stewart but Eloquii has really made me fall in love with them. 

I also want to thank eShakti for offering not only sizes 0 to 36W but also in custom measurements for an extra $7.50. They have been a lifesaver for me for a few years.

My absolute fave custom eShakti dress
Lastly, I want to spotlight designer Ashley Nell Tipton for her partnership with JC Penney. Not only does she offer up to a size 5X in her pieces but they are a reflection of her own style which is fun and trendy while still being affordable to the masses. I salute you, Girl! You are the bomb!

If you are a size 24 and up, I would love to know what you think. What brands would you like to see expand their size range? 

And in a future blog post, I will talk about how we can let our voices be heard! Let's make 2017 the year where we demand inclusion and acceptance because we are all worthy of having accessible fashion.

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  1. I found myself nodding my head to many of your statements. I crashed out in retail shopping when I could no longer fit size 24. I silently gave up and resigned myself to mail order, buying elastic waist pants and big tops. I remember thinking the same things about losing weight (goal size 20-22). Never happened. Finally I reached size 30-32 and returned to sewing. It's difficult to find well fitting clothing in my size and if I have to make alterations, I may as well make it. Some lines do go past 24 -- Bravo to them -- some are still struggling with extending their size range. I noticed some plus sized lines cater to certain body types so even if it comes in your size, it still may not be a good fit for you. Curvy girls come in all shapes and sizes--it may take some time before retailers catch up. Love E-Shakti's concept. In the meantime, if you find something you just gotta have and it's not in your size, find a sewist (there's a lot of us out here-with reasonable prices) and have it custom made for you.