Fearless Fashion: Learning to Let Go & Love Me More

Thursday, January 5, 2017

To love yourself as you are is a miracle, and to see yourself is to have found yourself, for now. And now is all we have, and love is who we are. ~ Anne Lamott

I have made no secret of my struggles with loving all of me. My thighs are not smooth and have lumps so I have not worn anything that shows the outline of my lumpy thighs for years. 

I hated wearing shirts that are shorter than 28" because of my belly showing. 

I have come a long way and still working at it daily. 2016 was a key year in my life where I let go a lot of my self loathing and began to live again freely. 

Loving yourself is an investment in you and it's something you work at daily. You will have bad days or feel like you look like crap. But when you love yourself, you won't let those bad days affect all the work you have done. You just try again the next day. You may not like how you're feeling on that day but you can still love who you are. That's the true meaning of unconditional love.

As I began to work on my self love and creating this love affair with myself, I began to let go of those fashion limitations I imposed on myself. One of them is wearing skinny jeans without a long top to cover my belly and thigh lumps.

I realized that wearing really long tops with slim fitting pants was making my legs look shorter and it just wasn't a good look for me. I have a waist and honestly, I love my body shape. And I want to wear things that fit me well and make me happy.

For me, it's not about covering up anymore or trying to look flattering. It's more about enhancing what I have and looking polished and put together while feeling comfortable.

I recently saw a corset top at Avenue I loved but I've never felt brave enough to wear a top in that style. Plus, it's kinda short and not something the "old" thinking me would wear. But as I always say, change your mindset, change your life.

But the detail on this lace top is so pretty and I could already imagine what I would wear it with so I went for it!

I paired the top with Avenue's Virtual Stretch Legging Jean in Dark Wash. The size 28 (reg length - I'm 5'7") fit me well. The waist still gaps out in the back but since the difference between my waist and hips is 17", that's something that often happens to me. I was just happy that these jeans fit my large 22" calves! 

Am I 100% in love with my lumps? No. I'm just being honest. But this is a huge thing for me to even show these images of me, wearing a top and pants that don't hide my body. And as you can see, I'm smiling and I love what I am wearing. And that's what counts. 

I'm enjoying the NOW and right now, I am having an amazing time in this love affair with myself. And I love this outfit!!!! Avenue has a few more corset tops that I will be getting. I also can't wait to try new styles this year and continue to free myself of these restraints that have had me shackled for too many years.

You only live once and I don't want to waste a single minute. I want to look cute, wear things that make me happy and LIVE.

You can shop my look via the links below:

Faux Leather Peplum Jacket via Lane Bryant (from last season - old) - similar style here

Leopard Print clutch via Fashion to Figure (old)

Be inspired! xoxo


  1. You're beautiful inside and out, Marcy! Was such a treat to meet you in person! You not only LOOK confident, I could tell you FELT confident that day!


  2. Yay to challenging those self-imposed rules! I also have a 17" difference between my waist and hips. I don't have a small waist, I just have a really big (and great!) bum. I love that top on you.

    x LoveLeah x

  3. You look AMAZING! One of my goals for 2017 is to get to the same place; where I don't always need to cover my tummy or constantly worry about whether my lumpy thighs or spare tire are visible. Oh, and sleeveless tops. Know that I think you look amazing and that to me is inspirational!