Why I Refuse to Give Up on Melissa McCarthy's Seven7 Clothing Line

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

"Being happy is the goal... but greatness is my mission." ~ Childish Gambino, 'I'm Alright'

Shopping as a plus size woman is simply not easy. 

As I have mentioned many times before on this blog, there is no standard plus size body. We all carry our weight in different places and come in different shapes and sizes. So it's tough for retailers and brands to create mass clothing for all of us -- I get that.

But there is still some work to be done on their side too. They sometimes use size 14 fit models and only add more fabric when sizing up instead of truly designing for a curvy/fat body. For decades, plus size women have been making it work with our own personal hacks and wearing things that fit us 85% well and just dealing with it. We settle. And that is not a good thing.

For me personally, I have yet to find jackets and pants/jeans that fit perfectly.

As a plus size woman (especially if you're over a size 22), you learn to be happy with what's available even though it's not great and will have me dancing through the streets. You still strive for that greatness like it's the holy grail. Case in point, my love/hate relationship with actress Melissa McCarthy's Seven7 line.

Working as a fit model/reviewer for Gwynnie Bee has given me the opportunity to try many brands I have never tried before, including MMS7. And it has been a hit or miss for me. Sometimes her jeans fit me like a glove with no gaps at the waist. And sometimes, the length is too long or I can't get the jeans leg over my calves. However, I refuse to give up because honestly, I love the prints she uses and the jeans that do fit me, fit amazing. I also just tried some jackets from her and I am in love.

This Patched Cargo Jacket from Melissa McCarthy Seven7 is simply magical. So dope in fact that this will be the first item I am keeping from Gwynnie Bee. Yes, folks, I'm buying this one. I have amassed quite a few GB reward points and am going to redeem and cash it all in, plus pay the difference because this jacket is THAT fabulous.

First of all, it has 4 front pockets; two on the bottom and two chest pockets. I love me some pockets and these are not playing. Sometimes I can go without a purse because these pockets run deep. And they have a flap and snap closure so I don't have to worry about someone picking my pocket on the streets of New York or me dropping stuff out of my pockets by accident.

The length is great too! It hits me mid-thigh and provides good coverage to keep me warm on brisker days in the fall. The fabric feels like a stretch twill (like a cargo jacket) so that helps in keeping me warm too. There have been many nights where I have been coming home late from work and waiting at the cold bus stop at night and this jacket has come through for me in keeping me from feeling like I was in a deep freezer.

The patches on it are so cute. My favorite one is the heart one on the upper sleeve that says "Bread". I love bread with all my being so I laugh whenever I get a glimpse of it while passing a window or mirror. It's all about the little details.

This jacket was perfect to wear during my visit to the Adidas store in Wicker Park, which I blogged about here.

My only gripe is that the sleeves could be a little longer because when I close the snaps at the cuffs, the sleeves ride up and are tight over my lower arms. As it gets colder, I will make sure to wear long sleeve tops to help with that because I wear the jacket with the cuff snap closures open. But hey, this is as close as I can get to a perfect jacket for now so I'm dealing.

Again, this is the life of a plus size customer. I have yet to find an on-the-rack item that fits 100% perfect but this jacket is the closest to perfect that I have found. So I'm pretty content with it.

And this makes me not want to give up on MMS7. I pledge to continue giving honest fit opinions and hoping that she is listening. Let's talk, Melissa!

If you aren't a member of Gwynnie Bee, today's your lucky day because you can try the service FREE for 30 days and try on this jacket for yourself. Just click here to sign up. You won't know until you try.

I also work as a First Fit Model and Reviewer for GB so you can always check out my reviews on the site to see how fit is on a body like mine. My measurements and sizes worn are on the site along with my reviews. As always, if you have any questions about any items on GB, you can always email me or leave a comment below.

Happy Shopping!

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Tee: Parental Advisory Scoop Tee from Torrid (rainbow color sold out, white/black available)

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  1. Ohmygosh you must read the blog posted I just, uh, posted...it's almost the identical sentiment to yours here. Great Plus-Size Minds Think Alike!!!