Another Reminder Why I Shouldn't Be Afraid of Jumpsuits

Monday, July 1, 2019

"We need to focus on bringing our best, not worrying about what anyone else is bringing." ~ Blanca Rodriguez, POSE, Season 1: Mother of The Year episode

I have something to admit.

Jumpsuits still scare me and everytime I wear one, I feel invincible because I know the work it took to get myself into it. 

I don't like being exposed in the front. I'm someone who is still working on tucking my shirt in and not worrying about my belly outline and camel toe. But I am getting there. One day at a time.

The journey to self love and acceptance is one you commit to for the rest of your life. And sometimes it's not easy. But once you start on that journey, let me tell you, the wins become the majority of your life and you are better equipped to handle those bad days.

I don't call the bad days a loss.

I call them lessons, reminders and just a step on this journey of mine. Every day I venture out of my house, looking my best and striving to be the best person I can be, is a win in my book, regardless if the day ends up being horrible. I'm feeling confident and not worrying about what anyone else is doing or saying.

So I decided it had been too long since I had worn a jumpsuit and since I have been really pushing myself out of my comfort zone lately, I decided it was time.

This Modern Striped Jumpsuit from Catherines really stood to me and I was surprised at myself! I usually shy away from black because it reminds me of my younger years when all I heard from my mom was to wear black because it was "slimming".

But I love stripes; I love a great culotte and while jumpsuits scare me, I have always coveted them from afar. This one is so chic with a detachable tie belt and has a wide leg with a slightly stretchy crepe fabric.

Now that it's officially summer, that means battling with different temperatures as you come and go. Hot outside and freezing inside. So I always carry a jacket with me that I can tuck in my handbag or tie around my waist when outside and feeling hot.

This Eyelet Denim Jacket from Catherines was perfect. I love me some denim and white is a nice color to rock in the summer. I'm not a huge fan of white as it gets dirty easily but this one caught my eye because of the eyelet detail.

The best part of both of these pieces are that they instantly become closet staples that you can create multiple outfits from. I am all about making my closet work for me and not the other way around. 

I can wear this jumpsuit in the Spring and Fall, too! I can replace the tie belt with a wide leather one in a bold color like red or yellow. I can wear knee high boots with this jumpsuit and an obi belt, paired with a moto jacket. I can even mix prints and add some small polka dots in the form of shoes or a jacket.

The white jacket can be worn over a print dress or a graphic tee and jeans (I am not against mixing different shades of denim). For me to find a jacket that fits well in the upper arms AND is comfy while looking so cute is major. 

On this day, I was reminded how far I have come in my journey and that I shouldn't be afraid to wear a jumpsuit. I always need a reminder every now and then. Getting out of your comfort zone and having those fearless moments are so important to your journey and for me, it reminds me that I have to stop worrying about what others think and just be fearlessly just me.

Are you a fan of jumpsuits or do you shy away from them? Please let me know below in a comment or on social media @fearlesslyjustme on Instagram and here on Facebook! Let's chat!

You can shop my look below and if you get this jumpsuit, please tag me on social media so I can see how you styled it. It's currently on sale for $39.99, people!!!!

I love shopping at Catherines because they are one of the few brands who not only offers up to a size 5X but also has physical stores that you can visit to try on clothing. 

My Look

The Modern Striped Jumpsuit (wearing size 28W)

Eyelet Denim Jacket (wearing size 3X)

**This blog post was sponsored by Catherines but all opinions and statements are my own. 


  1. That is a really classy jumpsuit and it looks great on you. Just checked it out on Catherine's website and the price has been reduced even lower! Whoo-hoo!

  2. Love this look on you! You are right that jumpsuit will go between many seasons.