Getting my life back

Monday, June 6, 2011

Yesterday marked 8 weeks since my dad passed away. I spent the day with my brother at my step-mom's house, going thru my dad's things. I picked up his ashes too. I realized that I needed to do this...this is step 1 of me getting my life back. I was standing still. For me, I was still back in April. And I need to start living and be in June like everyone else. That is what my dad would want for me.

Looking forward to getting my hair done this week, meeting up with a friend on Friday for lunch who is coming up from South Carolina and preparing for Full Figured Fashion Week. During this whole time of trying to deal with my dad's death, I have been working as a freelancer on the FFF Week production team. And that was such a blessing since it kept me busy. One of the perks of being on the production team is that I get to go to all the events. I'm really excited.

I'm working the shopping event (I'm the co-organizer) so if any of my readers are coming to FFF Week in New York City from June 16 - 18 and attending the Curves in the City Shopping Soiree, please make sure to say hello.

Yes, friends, I am getting my life back.

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