Breaking Fashion Rule #7689: Big Girls Should Not Wear Stripes

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun. ~ Katharine Hepburn

I have made no secret of my love for prints. I think that may come from me being a young child in the 70's where my mom dressed me up in printed bell bottoms and denim that had all kinds of colorful patches on it, lol. 

One of my fave prints is stripes. And I grew up with the fashion rule about stripes burned in my brain... big girls shouldn't wear stripes because it will make you look bigger especially horizontal stripes. Mind you, the majority of stripes out there in fashion are horizontal. Ugh.

As I evolve in my style and become more comfortable with being me, I find I am breaking more fashion rules. I hate feeling like I am in this struggle with myself to either conform to the rules that were told to me so many years ago OR just be me and wear what I love.

I am choosing the latter. Life is too short to hold yourself back from being happy. Part of my happiness is wearing something I love and feel good in. I embrace who I am and that I am different. I feel like it's empowering to stand up and be YOU. No need to compare yourself to others or copy someone else. I always tell myself to let someone else's style inspire me but not let it consume me. No one else is like you and I think that's pretty awesome. Everyone should celebrate their uniqueness and be proud of who you are. 

I saw this dress on the Lane Bryant website a few months ago and fell in love with it. But once I got it, I will admit it took me a little while to wear it. I don't typically like clingy bodycon type dresses and this one shows my belly outline (VBO). But I loved it and decided to not let my little fears and criticisms of myself stop me from wearing something I love. Sometimes we see flaws that we magnify in our minds when really no one doesn't even notice! So when you see my smile in these pics, it's 100% genuine and full of joy.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know I am wearing the heck out of this pink jacket (also from Lane Bryant). I can't help it. It's my magical jacket where wonderful things happen when I wear it. Plus, as I have said before, it is always nice to have a statement piece in a pop of color. I think the pink goes perfectly with the black and white stripes.

I continue to feel free and empowered with every outfit I dare to wear, no matter what rule I am breaking. As I always say, change your mindset, change your life. After having the worst year of my life, things are turning around. Did I do anything special? Nope. I just changed my mindset, stopped worrying about the small stuff and appreciating everything I have. I may not be rich in money but I am rich in love and happiness. I'm in a better place and that's what counts.

You can buy my dress here - it's on sale!
Shoes here and jacket is unfortunately sold out. :-(

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  1. You look fabulous but nothing can beat how amazing it feels to walk around empowered! <3 <3 <3