Fearless Fashion: My Love Affair (and some hate) With Denim

Friday, April 17, 2015

I have had a love/hate relationship with denim for as long as I could remember. The best times of my life happened when I was wearing my favorite pair of jeans and feeling fearless. And some of the worst times of my life were when I was wearing ill-fitting denim and loathing my body. I would look in the mirror and think I look terrible. Either my legs looked short or some of my lumps were showing or the jeans just didn't flatter my body the way I desired.

Wearing my favorite jeans at the Grand Canyon and feeling kick ass - sadly, they don't fit me anymore :-(
Fashion has a lot to do with confidence. When you look good, you feel good. I have learned through trial and error as a plus size woman that it's all about fit. If you're not comfortable, it shows.

In the last few years, I have been trying to live a more healthy lifestyle, giving up things like soda, white bread and fast food. I didn't plan to lose weight but of course, the weight comes off. And you just never know where the weight is going to come off.

For me, my waist went from 60" to 50" and while my hips lost a few inches, they are still larger than my waist (I have an hourglass frame). So looking for pants in general became an issue because the back of the waistband is always big and I have to wear a belt no matter what. Sooo annoying!

Denim is my go-to pant and I was growing so frustrated with finding a pair that fit. Either the waist and hips were perfect but the calves too tight OR the hips are tight, waist and calves perfect. Let's not even talk length. Sometimes I think retailers assume we are all over 5'9". I usually buy average length but the length is still long and I'm 5'7"!

So when I found out that I was going to be the April featured blogger for Catherines, the first thing I knew I wanted to blog about was denim. I never tried Catherines denim before but I saw that they still carried Right Fit jeans, which I loved back in the day when Lane Bryant and Fashion Bug carried them. I could buy a pair off the rack without trying them on. I cried when they got discontinued. And when Fashion Bug went out of business. But that's another story for another blog post.

I went into that Catherines store with hope and yes! I found 2 pairs of jeans that fit well - dark blue and black. The key here was that I chose jeans with a back elastic waistband (button front) and I opted for a petite length so the jeans would have that cropped look that is on-trend for Spring. So I don't have to wear a belt because they don't gap out in the back AND the length is perfect (ankle length).

I paired the blue jeans with this awesome button-down shirt that has a lobster print! I saw it and instantly thought this is perfect for a nautical day look. I added some navy oxford flats from Gap Outlet and the perfect day look was born. Check out the amazing lobster print below...I love how I can wear the sleeves full length or fold them up (there's a convenient button and tab that will keep them up).

This shirt works in so many ways. You can wear it with navy pants, red shoes and bag. Or you can wear it with white pants and white flats or sandals. I just love it. Navy is great color to pair with lighter or brighter colors. I also opted to roll up my jeans a little as well.

I felt so good in this outfit that I was feeling fearless and having fun while taking pictures. I'm hoping from now on, my love/hate relationship with denim will be filled with more love now since I have found some great fitting jeans. I will be back at Catherines to stock up and I might even get a white pair. I haven't worn white pants in 20 years so that will be a doozy. But it's all about being fearless, right?

Shop my look here:

Check back here next week when I take these same jeans and turn them into a fabulous night look for an evening out with my girls.

P.S. - a few readers asked me what lipstick I am wearing. It's from the Isabel Toledo for MAC collection - shade is Opera. Sold out online but check your nearest MAC store.


  1. The color and fit are flawless! You look amazing! I just may buy that outfit! BTW, love the hair!

  2. I'm so happy for you that you find jeans that made you feel this amazing! You look fantastic too! Also, the blue and red in the top look so good with your skin and hair. Those are definitely your colors! I am intrigued by this denim post and look forward to trying on some Catherines denim when I go in next week.